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Рекапитализация о двух концах: что ждет вкладчиков проблемных банков

All of you probably remember how bad it seems , have earned some of the leaders National Bank and the bankers during the course of panic last fall.
What do you think? say
Some very suspicious of the procedure and in a very non-transparent conditions provide refinancing and other means are immediately converted in foreign currency, earning hundreds of millions of dollars. And playing they seem, on the one hand, because deliberately stimulated panic in the currency market and raise foreign exchange for the hryvnia, obviously, knowing at what point and at what level the National Bank will stop this process. Mrs. Tymoshenko's fairly quiet for a long time, "not seen" it, but as soon as National Bank wanted to appease the appetites of its government and refused to print money to cover the budget deficit, immediately issued a devastating critique. But the National Bank to "fix", and its printing presses were running at full capacity to meet the needs of the government. So, if on on November 3 last year, the total amount of domestic government bonds loan issued by the government, was some 8223, 38 mln., of them in the NBU's portfolio was only $ 29, 11 million, now in circulation government securities - to the amount of 51 337 and 44 million, of which the National Bank - 30 114, 14 mln. That is, the NBU in less than 9 months has managed to clean as to increase its portfolio of government securities in more than a thousand times. Now some of the particularly zealous supporters of the government reiterating that were not justified forecasts of the growth of wage arrears to state employees and pensions, and personal achievement in the Timoshenko. But in this case it is appropriate remind them of the insane growth in this year's internal and external commitments government and state enterprises - they were forced to bring credit to then sent to the state budget additional funds. Also, they would not stop wonder what it would cost in the future for all citizens of the country. Therefore that apart from the fact that printing paper money unsecured inevitably leads before stripping to the weakest segments of the population through inflation and depreciation national currency, all of these commitments will have to pay once, even though it will be after the presidential election, and then - the deluge has already ... But "Correct" behavior management of the National Bank applied not only to policy printing money for the government, but also a significant change in direction refinancing. According to data published in the media, a huge amount of refinancing Banks were the owners of which are directly linked with BYuT or the Party of Regions and in support of which not unreasonably expects the prime minister. Generally It should be noted that it has an extraordinary talent to find the right people in the environment of other political forces, however, their vowel or a tacit support is calculated with no out of pocket, and for the State account. Recapitalization of the two ends of the striking example of this - the situation with the recapitalization Ukrgasbank. The bank, owned by a prominent member of the Party of Regions Vasyl Horbal, not only received 1, 2 billion refinancing and 2, 6 billion of short-term of the loan - for the public funds it raised share capital by 3, 1 bln. That is, private shareholders in this version recapitalization, do not lose a penny of their own funds. In the future, even will be able to buy shares in the bank by the state - enough to advantageous terms. True, they lose control of the bank. But it is rather arbitrary, because the bank came under government control, Timoshenko and at this stage is sympathetic to the interests of those members of the PR, who implicitly or explicitly support it. Spending in such a recapitalization the bank, neither the government nor the NBU did not provide information to the public - How much is he now stands. Do not they reported and how much is derived of money he has, and what amount of bad loans and other assets, personal Now is not standing on the balance sheet of the bank and will not appear if, after their write-offs, net worth is actually negative. The only positives can be considered is that individuals - owners of deposits bank - do not lose their savings. Although, in reality, the losses from an opaque, non-professional, and probably not very legal activity its shareholders and managers will be covered by taxpayers, the have each of us. But the owners were not as Ukrprombank Need to Mrs. Tymoshenko, so he goes to bankruptcy. And individuals - Owners of deposits for a total of $ 7, 297 bln. - Be prepared to what they are, if and to receive their funds, it is only partially (within UAH 150 thousand.) At the expense of the Deposit Guarantee Fund individuals also over an indefinite time. The idea to transfer the obligation All depositors of the bank in Oschadbank with simultaneous him from Government T-bills in the amount unlikely to be realized. Although it may be annoying to read and depositors of the bank, but such a scheme is not can be used. Because, firstly, the budget simply does not provide funds for such purposes. And although, as experience shows, adherence to budget legislation has never been to the virtues of the current government, but it is clear that this is simply no money, and the IMF will not agree to increase budget deficit. Meanwhile, Yulia Tymoshenko has to listen to position of the international financial institution. In addition, if the funded by the Government to cover all obligations to depositors the bank, the same understandable desire to emerge and affected by Bankruptcy other banks, which generally will have unpredictable consequences to the economy. Second, the attempt to implement a scheme covering liabilities to depositors Ukrprombank through the budget will mean nothing but the issue of the National Bank of most 7, 297 bln. In terms when its printing presses and so operate at full capacity, the additional 7-plus billion could become the stone that will cause an avalanche of hyperinflation and the devaluation of the currency. Although it is already the situation for the National Bank does not look very simple. The Fund Deposit Guarantee now just over 4 billion hryvnia, and no credit of the National Bank will not be able fulfill its obligations to depositors of failed banks. A payment of these funds to investors will inevitably put pressure on consumer market and to provoke the growth of demand for foreign currency. In the case of Ukrprombank indicative of the weakness and corruption of all government institutions. On the one hand, we know who controlled the bank and who is responsible for fraud associated with the withdrawal of his funds. In addition, without problems courts make the decision to pull out of the pledge of property to hundreds of millions or even billions of hryvnia ensuring fulfillment of obligations debtors of the bank. At the same time we hear nothing about the prosecution cases against the owners and managers of the bank, and there is no strict public position of all branches of government concerning the withdrawal of assets from trying it. The tragedy for hundreds of thousands or even millions of individuals who lose their savings, leads to the possibility of further enrichment small a handful of "elite". And to paraphrase a familiar expression, it is safe say to whom the crisis, and to whom a mother.


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