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Свой бизнес: как организовать обучение персонала в период кризиса

During the crisis, the cost of training being cut in the first place , because now is not more important seminars and trainings , as such , and the decision hot issues. But in a rapidly changing environment is especially important to learn .
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To learn how to organize the training during the crisis, told member of the International community managers, business coach Alexander Sorokoumov. During the crisis, plummeting costs of companies in all that does not work results today. Training costs are cut in most cases in the first place. This means that most companies do not consider Seminars training and something that can benefit quickly. Let's look at what makes them think so. Disadvantages of the usual training First, the conventional training seminars theoreticity enough. If you need to educate beginners, this is normal. But if you need to solve the current problem, then spend Two days on the abstract cases, so you will still remain a problem one on one - it's too expensive. Second, in most seminars and workshops from leading experts expect the position - say, Tell and show us how to. And leading in this position often find themselves. But this leaves two roles are good loophole. They allow participants learn nothing: if the expert does not give answers, it is not enough good judge, and if gives, you can sadly sigh: "No, we have so does not work, we have not tried this. "Third, many exercises are present in the training, participants viewed seriously. The fact that the benefits of prefabricated psychological groups in a business format perceived more as entertainment. In the best case - as abstract psychological tricks that have little to do with the problems of the company. Clearly, if participants are motivated and prepared, they are of any Training will take what they need, and in the long term will pay costs at him with a vengeance. Unfortunately, such people are always few, and long-term prospect will not come soon. And the results are required quickly in a crisis. But the key problem of training people need. In a rapidly changing conditions is especially important. On the other hand, is much more important now is not go to seminars, and to address the hottest issues, which in the crisis abound. Resolve this apparent contradiction is simple: must turn in work or training strategy session: - work only on the current objectives of the company. The results of this work will be immediately thrown into the deal, strengthening the company's position - do so that the participants are working on these tasks. Finding a solution, they can implement it in practice on their own - and managers do not have to deal with resistance - to remove the abstract exercises and focus on the work process. And if they give some kind of exercise, then only when it can help solve the current problem in the group. Thus, we turn the training into shorter working draft, where people learn and develop, solving the challenges that the company throws crisis: where to get money, how to reduce excess staff, how to keep customers where to look for new opportunities, what will we do if the ruble falls, or dollar or euro ... Example: the head office of the Russian company orders training for directors of subsidiaries. Subject - teambuilding. Duration - One day. Please owners: "We have enough of psychology now need results - the same crisis. " The problem in the usual team-building can not be solved. But in the working group that was possible. First all, we agreed with the participants that in this day and decide to find one general labor problem - and we learn this way of teamwork. This problem we discovered a half (!) Days - so psychologically difficult She was trying to hide behind a pile of "socially acceptable language." For the company's problem was a loss of motivation and staff turnover because of low wages on the one hand and the inability to increase the compensation fund Labour - with the other. In the remaining half of the day we found the root cause. She was not in the low income of the company or small sizes Fota, as most thought before, but in an outdated pattern of stimulation. After that, developed a new scheme that satisfies all parties. There were here without my expertise. But what happened in the end, it was done by the staff, taking into account all the nuances of this business. People went home with the results that can be immediately applied at work. And some admitted that it was the hardest training of their experiences. Team relations here were built exclusively through the pronunciation and solve real problems. And doing it was much harder than doing the exercises. But the transition to the regime of the working group there is one problem. Participants automatically includes the usual expectations of "training seminars": we want a theory of expert responses and pleasant, neither for non-binding exercise. Even genuinely wanting to solve their problems, the group runs the risk of unwittingly to push the solution of problems on the coach and the defensive: "it is we are not local, problem solved not learned, and like you, we did not succeed. " The problem lies in the familiar format that allows you and a group and trainer to slide into a standard gauge of the training seminar. To work group is successful, we need a new format for its conduct. New format The new format, I found about five years ago, hitting on the seminar to one of his colleagues, and brendmeykeru orgkonsultantu. At first, I (as client) was horrified, then delighted, and then discovered that such a statement of work helps reduce the presence of a consultant to the company at times, while accelerating the achievement of results. The coach came up with this format in the process of adapting a special procedure by Dr. Alexander Alekseichik to solving business problems. To fully describe this format, you will need a book. Therefore, this article will focus only on the essential: those rules which make the usual "training" in an effective working group. What are the rules and how they are set, we'll look at a live example - on the fragments of the first two hours of the life of some corporate group. Item 1. This is not the beginning of a new training project in the company. Starting intensity. In a circle of 25 people sitting and looking at me warily. "Hello" - I say. - "My name is Alexander Sorokoumov, and I will moderator of this working group. As you already know, this is not training and no seminar. We came here to work on your problems "... In the the beginning states that no "training seminar" is not implied. Can say that we are working in the training space (sitting in a circle and talking). But no one here to teach anyone not to be. We will work on real problems and if necessary - to learn to perform them in the process. This - the working group. AND important here - this is the problem. Item 2. I do not coach, "Who knows Who is the moderator? "- I ask. Uncertain silence, interspersed with multiple nods. - "Well, I will explain. Forum on the site seen? There is people such as observing the rules of communication - they are called moderators, remember? So here: in the working group, I'll keep the rules communication and the general format of the work - in order for you to stay within the allotted time and solve your problem. "as trainers and consultants are good. But it is very authoritative. They want to look upwards and expect that they know everything and can do everything. It makes you want to hang up on them the burden tasks. While the role of a moderator - this is truly a role rights by: it will help to work together and negotiate with each other. But no more. Performance of work lies with the participants process. Item 3. Helpers "In order that we can move quickly, I need a few assistants, who will assume a number of functions support our work. The first function - the keeper of information. All information which here will be to turn out, to be recorded on sheets of paper, sheets will be posted on the walls of the audience, photographed by a digital camera and recorded in your database ... Who wants to take responsibility? " Seconds later, the participants begin to actively promote each other, and this has to stop: - "Stop-stop, I never asked to nominate wishing I had asked who wants to "... Finally, the first man decided. -" Okay, - I say - I ask you to take a pen and go to the flipchart. Now we denote all the functions that people who take it on yourself - and you write All this on a separate sheet. "The group should take responsibility for their work and begin actively from the very first minute. The best solved this way, if you select more than one active role and offer participants to take them over. In addition to the keeper of information entered More: - keeper of time (the duty - to prevent the beginning and end of the breaks, follow the rules of the presentations and the like); - The keeper of climate change (to monitor the state of physical atmospheric air during breaks, as well as to monitor the state of the atmosphere moral and give the signals, if someone is uncomfortable in a group); - The keeper of the money (in the form of business life takes place circulation of money and requires the keeper of the money he earns group); - The keeper of the hearth (the one who organizes the drinks and snacks in between) - if necessary can be entered and other functions. Particularly sophisticated parties may try to declare that, say, you're a coach, you do it all and should do ... "Exactly. I'll I can still cook and coffee in the process. Only you more important to me sprayed his attention between these functions, or concentrate on the main - To help you solve your problems? "Item 4. The most important role "So, please write the custodian of all the undecideds to functions. Do not forget to mark me as a moderator. And now go to the most important role for your corporate format: the role of the customer. Customer, or group leader, by definition, is your boss, present here. He who pays your salary, and who paid for you this session. He did it for a specific task, which he now you and deliver. And you will be able to clarify the task, specify the criteria by which it will evaluate its decision, etc. Chief, I beg you. "The most important role - this is the role of the Customer (the head group) and the Contractor. Often, a team leader trying to make a trainer which is absolutely futile. In any company already has a team leader, it is the customer - it's the boss. It is also often the participants are trying to put coach for the role of Chief Executive, that is dangerous. Artists - is employees and no one else, it must address their problem. Consultants come and go - and they live and work on. But in practice, so want to blame the performer and the role of responsibility for the outcome a coach, consultant, etc. So at the beginning of the role of and responsibilities are specified very carefully. There are a customer. It can pose the problem and not working, but just go and see how the rest (But it can also work as a performer). There are artists - they are the people that solves the problem (you can invite a group of consultants and - The role of artists - no one denies). And there's Moderator - especially Visiting a person who establishes and maintains working together performers. After such an arrangement is becoming abundantly clear to all who responsible for what. Item 5. The principles of "We you are working in an intensive format of business life. It differs from other training format that creates an environment as close you for real life. Greenhouse conditions would not be here. But life will be like. A small but extremely intense. More out of life it is different in that here for your mistakes you have to pay much, much smaller than in the life large. Well, are you ready? Then move on to the principles. There will be announced the principles on which the construction and normal business life. Principles You can follow, you can not follow. But they are still there. Take the first principle: "For all have to pay" (I am the keeper of information to place it on a separate sheet of paper). "The hall runs through the recovery." We agree what a great life has to pay for everything? Without the interchange was not to life, right? So it is here for us ... Now, this principle means the following: everyone sitting here can pay the money - and everyone can get paid. Well, for example, there are those who missed ... how much do you estimate your delay? You can now literally pay for it - the group the common treasury. Do not want to? Think it is "wired"? Well, you do not want - Do not pay until after the rule is formulated as follows: "You can pay money." And note that the principle still worked: the latecomers paid at least by the fact that the missing information in the beginning, and now do not understand what is happening here. And they think that they are trying to "dilute". The format intense business life is more than ten governing principles. But in the beginning, the work begins with the four main, support.: - unnamed no (as long as you do not call a problem, no one will see it) - Information the system has a heritage of the entire system (all information during the work should be audible to everyone who sits in a circle. Whispers excluded) - Work in hours and minutes (one hour work, 10 minutes break) - for All you have to pay (you pay the money, and you can get money); In parentheses are labeled the most common rules that flow from these principles. For mature groups motivated by quite principles. For groups Young did not work or are in conflict, we have to offer specific rules. For example, if you are persistent whispers can be stop work and demand to adopt a rule that will support the principle of "information - property of the system." For example, to establish the value whispers that the violators will pay to the cashier of the group. And the moderator, by virtue of their responsibilities, is obliged to keep the group on this issue and not let go any further until the desired rule is not adopted and the agreement is not concluded. A common claim to the coach: "here we are here (According to your will) deal with this nonsense, but time is running out "- is now strong move by the moderator: "That you can not agree on the rule. A time leaves ... and dissatisfied customer ... then he can bill you for the talentless your time ... but, the customer? "Customer nods. It's amazing for a short period of time, even the most irresponsible group take responsibility and begin to negotiate the rules, sometimes pretty hard. And they have to stop, "Wait, wait, 100 (500, 1000) per whispering (one minute late) - not too Is it? Any penalty should not beat the desire to work. Maybe, we shall at least that is convenient for all, the sum? "announced by the principles and rules as well as the roles are written on large sheets of paper and posted in audience, as a kind of written contract with the group. Moderator is able to keep the work in workgroup mode, using clearly prescribed in the paragraphs of the contract. Item 6. The result - this product, "So, we have three days. During these three days you will have to decide problem and provide a solution in a simple, convenient and understandable form. Now we will establish several working groups. Each subgroup must decide with the composition and roles. After the group formed, they will receive first task. How much you will need time to form a group? Keeper time trace. "At the working group results - a product that it creates. For example, a draft of a balanced scorecard to the next year. Description of possible crisis scenarios and plan for each of them. A new model of selling units. A list of the most weaknesses of the company with a plan to address them. The new line of services for current market conditions, etc. Any stated problem to be solved and the solution presented in the form of a tangible product. But in any case, the main product is not "the experience and emotional distress." It all - only by-products. So from the very beginning the group is aiming that for the allotted time to produce a product that will satisfy located immediately customer. Or not satisfied, which is also likely. Item 7. Place the product - the market "But it's not all. Each product that you create will be for sale on the market. You will be make presentations, provide them with all the rest (other sub-groups) -


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