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Юг Италии: перекресток миров

Mediterranean coast and islands have seen a lot of states, which being born and dying, all contribute to the formation of habits of living here people. The unique position of southern Italy , especially Sicily, made this region is a crossroads of civilizations and the \" melting pot \", which was dissolved culture of different nations , creating unique landscapes , cities, and tradition.
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The southern part of the country is deservedly considered a great place to relax. Although rated it not at once since a long time because of the historical cataclysms and remoteness from major centers of civilization and enjoying nature man-made wonders of Southern Italy was the lot of brave travelers. South of the country is not like the north. Over the past 3,000 years ruled the Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Saracens, Normans, French, Spaniards, Austrians, British ... until finally, at the end of XIX century, this region did not become part of a unified Italy. Here, their dialects, their cultural traditions and its history. So Southerners traditionally and northerners do not like each other, that does not interfere with Sicilian kalabriytsam and go to work to the north, and the Piedmontese - Celebrities in the south. Almost all of Italy in August is going on vacation, falls from their familiar seats and travels south to the sea, forced his way through the cork, and in early September procession goes in the opposite direction, back home. Therefore, in Sicily holiday makers called "Agostini", ie the August. Sea washes the Italian "boot" from all sides - what do we explain the pilgrimage to the south? There's almost always summer sunny weather. To the north are coming up the clouds and fog in the morning and sometimes thickens, the south is always sun. And the second factor: Southerners are not as businesslike, as northerners, they are relaxed and extremely hospitable. That understand the nature of the south, it is best to look at the Italian part of the Soviet cartoon "... Robbery" - all this is how it looks. Bus driver will stop in the middle of the street and chatting with friends, peace - from the point of the Sicilians - discussion of family issues seem to us almost cursing, trains are late bound, and the planes fly on time is never ... These small defects can be easily used to and enjoy a leisurely pace of life under the warm Mediterranean sun. Moreover, all this is happening among the most beautiful landscapes, the velvet sea, the thousand-year history, the unique culture and gastronomy. So if you are looking for a place where you want to relax, then the south of Italy can thus be paradise. Paradise South Traditionally, the south of Italy - Sicily is the nearby islands (Most famous Aeolian, or Aeolian) and Calabria. As the holiday spirit to these regions are close aristocratic island of Capri and Ischia. Ischia and Capri are located near Naples, on either side of Naples Bay. Rocky shores of Capri is not very suitable for swimming, so the beaches here are a few, they are almost all pontoon, equipped with luxurious villas. Ischia - the largest island in the Bay of Naples. Except conventional natural beauty, historic towns and beaches, is one of the most famous spa centers in Italy. Mineral waters of Ischia with unique chemical composition and the hot springs have healing properties. They allow throughout the year to conduct therapeutic and cosmetic treatments for various purposes. Housing prices are high: for example, villa of 280 sq. m with 300 sq m garden. m is 6 million euros. Calabria - the southernmost region of Italy, visited by few tourists, since it is located far off the beaten route and known attractions for the whole world, and therefore retaining identity. Here only small towns, landscapes, mainly agricultural, there are no good roads (although built in recent years) and industry, so the nature and the sea is very clean. Coast near the capital of the region - the city of Reggio di Calabria poet Gabriele D'Annunzio called "the most beautiful kilometer in Italy". Rocky shores alternate with sandy beaches. Not far from there Pizzo beach with pristine white sand. Real estate in the southern regions of the country considered by European standards, cheap, prices are comparable to price from St. Petersburg. Apartment 50 square meters. m one bedroom apartment in new complex in the town of Soverato 700 meters from the coast of the Ionian Sea is proposed for 50 thousand euros. The cost of double cottage with a garden area of


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