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Жилье на Украине. Взгляд из России

Housing in the country is not considered en masse by investors as a source of profit. At the moment the housing market Ukraine is characterized by extremely low business activity. this is due to complete lack of mortgage lending, rising unemployment and the opposite declining incomes.
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"The current situation in Ukraine has a direct bearing on the looser purchasing power in the market. Until recently, the demand exceeded supply, now to the contrary, there is almost no demand, "- said in Therefore, Zhukov S. Victoria real estate expert Corporation "Svit-2005" real estate "business house". In addition, sharply higher dollar exchange rate and general political instability a serious blow to by the developers. "Today, the growth of the construction had stopped due to non- stable situation in the country's economy and stable political situation, "- says Alexander Kuzmenko E., Director of Real Estate Agents "Prestige". However, the traditional absence in Ukraine Mass investor in residential real estate, as well as intensive housing on the periphery allowed the national market of the country to avoid overheating of the speculative price for housing. Last traditionally characterized by a rather low degree of accessibility, than a speculative bubble in the market. It is reported by the Director of Lugansk housing agency "Lugansk Apartments" Dmitry Makarov. "At present, day there is a sharp discrepancy between bid prices and bid prices, "- clarifies Erypalov Gleb E., Deputy. Director of Real Estate Agency "Moldavanka." However, housing affordability deteriorated significantly worldwide financial crisis and the catastrophic decline in most of the Ukrainian economy. As a result, the country introduced a ban on mortgages at all decided to average Ukrainian ability to purchase housing. About This is evidenced by Daria V. Grigoriev - Senior Specialist lending and servicing individuals branch offices Donetsk direction JSC "Index-Bank" in Kramatorsk. Moreover, if the decline in foreign countries prices caused by the crisis somewhat improved availability of real estate in Ukraine this fall in prices was virtually nullified by the rapid growth foreign exchange rates. For a population whose incomes are in UAH only diminished dollar decrease in home prices actually come to naught, owing to the sharp growth rate of the currency. Since the crisis began with the hryvnia depreciated according to NBU to 58%. Against this background, the situation may soon change. Predicted Mass for the fall sale apartments banks mortgage debtors may increase availability of real estate at the expense of another wave of price cuts. Last so far down in the regions by 15-50%. However, Daria Grigorieva does not exclude further reduce the price by 3-4 times the current level. At this price bottom of the market will never happen until the middle of next year, when averaged Cost of 1-room apartment in Kharkov or Donetsk will be $ 8-10 thousand, 2-room - $ 13-14 thousand, three-room - $ 18-20 thousand Will be open to that period of the mortgage in the Ukraine a moot point. The majority of surveyed banks staff found it difficult to give an exact start date of mortgage in the country. Current is now the country's credit lines are highly inefficient for use in buying a home. Banks usually take no more 2 thousand dollars at 50-60% per annum. It rejects the use of such a small and expensive loan when buying a home. And yet it is the presence of available Lending experts linked with a possible revival of the national real estate market. "With the resumption of lending to the real estate market is normalized, but until then you can expect a drop in prices for all market segments, including and on land, "- emphasizes the importance of credit Kutsaya Olena, Director of "The Odessa vacation." In a situation like coming Ukrainian market of foreign housing developers is hardly possible. And it This is not only in the current crisis. On the issue of dealing with foreign developers Ukrainian housing Kuzmenko, Alexander replied: "In the residential sector, rather all these are not available. They simply do not let this market and our government still Some individuals have a weight in the country "." Foreigners come mainly to us for business. Why shoot and luxury apartments "- agrees with counterpart Dmitry Makarov. The peak influx of foreign investors in Information Agency "Kharkov house", there was 5-7 years ago, when foreign owners buying up large quantities fabulously cheap Ukrainian real estate. Now, the latter especially in the segment of Luxury strongly overestimated compared with foreign counterparts. Even the foreigners began to gravitate toward buying Property, overlooking the Black Sea coast of Crimea. Summing up the investment attractiveness of Ukrainian real estate is worth noting the absence of actually the primary housing market offers rental apartments. In addition, the country even before the crisis, as it lacked any significant amount of speculative transactions in the housing market. Which may afford a new home Ukrainians prefer him to leave himself as the most valuable, than may have. It goes without housing in the country is not considered en masse by investors as a source profit. This suggests the immaturity of the Ukrainian market Real estate and has not established it the traditional culture of consumption services inherent in foreign markets housing. Against this background, to the end, the experts not predict a drastic improvement in the Ukrainian real estate market.


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