In the virtual world of the Ukrainian Prime Minister torque stabilized , and the GDP is growing.
Unfortunately, the reality is quite different: Ukraine is not competitive
not only with developed European countries , but also with its neighbors
- CIS countries.

Internet newspaper "NOW" has already written about the life of Ukrainians savory. Our country
is one of the first places in the world among countries with minimal natural
population growth and is forecast, this trend will continue in the future.
Minimum wages of our fellow citizens half the wages of similar
resident of the poorest countries in the European Union and the CIS are only less
in Moldova. Statistics publishes new data, and they bring with them new
portion of frustration ... GDP growth - negative ... In summary
Table of indicators published by the State Statistics Committee, Ukraine is on the last
place in terms of GDP growth. Unless, of course, more than 20% fall
gross domestic product can be called "growth." In the first
half of 2009 from the CIS countries have shown a significant growth in Uzbekistan
(8, 2%), Azerbaijan (3, 6%) and Tajikistan (2, 8%). In Belarus and Kyrgyzstan
GDP grew at 0, 3%, compared with the first half of 2008. In other
countries, the case took shape not so well, and therefore the average drop
GDP in the CIS amounted to 9%. The first takes place from the end with the fall of Ukraine
20, 3%. On the heels of us come Armenia (16, 3%) and Russia (13, 4%). True,
There is one caveat: if the majority of the GDP data were taken in the first
half, in Ukraine - for the first quarter. So, perhaps, not so sad
and in the second quarter of the situation really leveled? Latest
hope of the Internet newspaper "NOW" has dispelled the director of economic programs
Center for Economic and Political Studies. Razumkov Basil Yurchishin.
According to him, the fall in real GDP in the first half of this year amounted to
18-19%. Thus, whatever data we were guided not - at six months of
or around the block - Ukraine is still on the bottom line summary
table. Turnover drops ... Similar "successes" demonstrate
indices of retail trade. Not only that Ukraine is in
the ranks of those countries where trade has declined, so we have again proved to be
with the lowest rates. Retail trade turnover (at constant
prices across all channels of sales) in Ukraine in the first half of 2009
compared with the corresponding period last year decreased by 15 2%
- And this is an unconditional request for "leadership". In addition to our country's drop in trade
demonstrated Kazakhstan (8, 6%), Moldova (4, 5%) and Russia (3%). Average
fall in turnover in CIS countries amounted to 4%. The best indicators
in Uzbekistan (turnover increased by 18, 3%), Tajikistan (13, 9%) and Azerbaijan
(8, 5%). ... But prices are going up! Deflation in Ukraine continues to
observed only in the statements of the government. But in practice, our
country again shows a record rise in prices. Recall that in 2008
, Ukraine in terms of inflation, was ranked first among the CIS countries:
price increase was 25, and 2% with an average of 17% for CIS. A year earlier,
- In 2007 - a dubious first place went to Tajikistan, but we firmly
entrenched in second place. 2009 is good news has not brought. In
first half of this year, prices in Ukraine rose by 17, 6%, and this -
the worst result. The lowest prices were rising rapidly in Moldova - the only
1, 1% for the period. The average for the CIS - 13%. [Http://
] Thus, if different countries have demonstrated any "confusion
and vacillation "(somewhere in the GDP has fallen, but there is almost no inflation, but somewhere - inflation
growing, but trade and grew up), in Ukraine like rushing there. Y
We all stable. However, so far, unfortunately, consistently bad. And what is especially
unpleasant for the Ukrainian mentality, - steadily, "the worst of all." A
but we have the brave prime minister. Because it is unlikely that even someone enough
courage to call a 20% fall in GDP "growth" and 17% increase in prices - "stabilization
hryvnia "...

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