Domestic carriers have already called 2009 the worst for last
nine years. They suggest that the sustained market growth will resume no
before the middle of next year, and out of the crisis should not be expected before

Domestic carriers have already called 2009 the worst for last
nine years. They suggest that the sustained market growth will resume no
before the middle of next year, and out of the crisis should not be expected before
2014. Who until that time, be able to stay in the Ukrainian sky?
This summer, flying to Simferopol flights "Aerosvit" the passengers were
unpleasantly surprised: the ticket price of more than 1, 2 thous. they do not even
fed a standard dinner, though many expected him to. With
so other passengers of the same airline was lucky, for example, buy
auction tickets to the "mad Friday" and fly to Stockholm, Athens or
Moscow paid just $ 99 per round trip. In this case, and failure to supply
and the second action are just anti-crisis measures, actively promote
company. "What can we do, we have to save on everything" - shrug
in "Aerosvit". The abolition of meals on domestic flights economy class - it
only one of many measures aimed at reducing costs,
implemented by the airline. And selling cheap tickets - fight for new passengers.
But whether these steps to stabilize the demand for air travel in Ukraine?
What we have in the first half of the situation in the aviation industry
developed in the pessimistic scenario. In general, the industry recorded
reduction in all key indicators. According to the management of financial and economic
Gosaviainspektsii regulation, the volume of passenger traffic decreased by
18, 4%, cargo and mail - to 25 6%. According to the airline itself, passenger
on a regular major routes decreased by 20-25% depending on the direction.
Thus, in the Asian direction compared to the same period last
, the collapse has reached 50%, said CEO of "The Rose of the Winds"
Sergei Jani. A significant decline was due to reduction in the number of charter
flights, passengers who supplied travel companies. "Because
lull in the tourist market of the company missed a significant
share of passengers from this particular segment of traffic, "- explained the situation
Director of Public Relations airline "Aerosvit" Vladimir Gaydash.
The situation is also reflected in the financial performance Ukrainian
airlines. The combined operating loss of major market operators
"Aerosvit" and "International Airlines of Ukraine" on the first four months
this year has exceeded $ 6 million, said the Ministry of Transport. In particular, according to
UIA, the company as a whole for the first half of this year, a net
loss of $ 18, 77 million USD, compared with net income of 2, 73 million
UAH for the same period of 2008. At the same time such companies as
"Dniproavia", "Wizz Air" and "Rose of the Winds", despite the difficult conditions
few have been able to expand its market presence and increase the volume
traffic. It should be noted that today there is some
improvement in the market. This is partly explained by the seasonal surge.
"Since May, the volume of our traffic growth year
year, but the backlog accumulated during the first four months of the year, we still
not been overcome, "- said President UIA Yuri Miroshnikov.
Stabilize the decline of passenger traffic and even some of his build
able, and "Aerosvit". In July, load factor on scheduled flights of aircraft
This company was 80%. Compared to the same period last
the growth of this indicator has reached almost 16%, said Vladimir Gaydash.
What is being done, "best is the enemy of the good" - the answer given
Yuri Miroshnikov the question, how effective were the anti-crisis
measures. According to him, the steps taken by the company to yield results,
but the search continues for more effective ways to still avoid
losses. The most popular among domestic fliers anti-crisis measure
proved to optimize the schedule and cost (which includes failure to provide and
dinners - they are now available only on domestic flights for passengers
business class, and downsizing). With a decrease in passenger traffic
as the output may be additional sources of revenue, closing branches,
rejection of the lease of aircraft, as well as many shares with "gratuitous"
tickets aimed at attracting a larger number of people wishing to fly.
Company IAU, as promised at the beginning of the year, the state does not reduce and even
acquired in late July, the new "Boeing 737-800". However, now the acquisition of
aircraft has less to do with the challenges of demand as the need to
more carefully plan their expenditures and optimize fleet. Succeeded
in the UIA and the use of additional sources of income. For a company such
have their own base maintenance of aircraft, "Boeing" at the airport
"Borispol", as well as shares in the company Swissport (ground handling
"Borispol") and a London tour operator Panorama Tours (inbound organization
Tourism in Ukraine). In "Dniproavia" noted that in addition to transportation revenue
brings the airport, through which the company receives money for services
other aircraft. In addition, "Dniproavia" provides maintenance
Yak-42. The "Aerosvit" just started working on this issue
with an emphasis on broadening the range of additional services to passengers.
This company also had to take unpopular measures and is already on
20% have reduced staff, and the rest were transferred to the short working
day. In addition, the company decided to close the offices (and start
this process to Shanghai), and also go on ways to reduce the number of
aircraft. The reduction of the fleet and route allowed "Aerosvit" increase
effectiveness of its scheduled flights. Price remains the same expected
that the crisis will lead to lower prices for air travel, but this has not happened yet.
"I believe that we have the airfare is too high. It is good that the market started
develop low cost airlines emerged, demonstrating a different level
prices ", - speaks. about. ACU Chairman Alexander Melnichenko. He said,
that after restoring order to the prices of aviation fuel and services at the airport
"Borispol" necessarily will deal with the cost of air travel.
With him disagree carriers. Airfare on a number of
direction of the market compared to last year dropped nearly
twice, says director of "The Rose of the Winds." "The price range is considerably
expanded, and to lower prices, much lower than those
offered on the market a year or two ago. Of course, there is the opportunity to compete
costs, not only would like to see this rivalry extends beyond the limits
common sense and turned into a dumping, "- said Yuri Miroshnikov. Cost
air travel has traditionally formed in euros or U.S. dollars, so
companies, and passengers depend on the fluctuations of these currencies in the local market
specified in the "Aerosvit". Popular this year among the Ukrainians were
shares many airlines. After the "Wizz Air Ukraine," which proposed
tickets for only UAH 9, impressed with his "crazy Fridays" and "Aerosvit".
Thus, under the action Crazy Friday airfare in Ukraine is
$ 29 for medium-range routes - $ 99, and long-haul - $ 399.
Such actions, though pleasing customers and partly to increase their number,
but still have a negative impact on profitability, say in the UIA. "High
or low rate of loading does not mean making a profit - is important
rate income rate, which, in particular, adversely affect
popular today discount airline tickets "- the company said. Not
competition to perhaps the most effective innovation crisis
period proved to be popular throughout the world form of cooperation treaty
code-sharing - the union of routes to competitors. Formerly code-sharing in
Ukraine was not particularly popular, but when the company is a choice - not
receive any money or get a little, of course, it bends
the second option, explained in "Aerosvit". The merger
efforts of the airlines load factor increased passenger load, customers
have more flexibility and a full schedule of flights, the expansion of the "hubs" have become
more accessible due to more connections. In times of crisis
instead of competition, which causes damage to the competing parties, the company
much more likely to sit at the negotiating table and find mutually beneficial solutions.
As a result, today the domestic market competition between airlines
actually no, because all of them except for "Wizz Air" and "Horse", concluded
such agreements. What will happen with carriers in the second half?
"I see no reason to believe the optimists," - quoted
IAU in the words Director General of the International Air Transport Association
(IATA) Giovanni Bezinyani. In addition, the year is not over and the crisis - too ...
Although already seen some positive trends, such as good
load factor of aircraft, airlines guide is not carried away
- Ahead of a difficult winter. Recovery in passenger traffic
Ukraine should be expected no earlier than eighteen months later, experts say.
"We predict that the steady growth of the market will resume from the middle of the next
year. Unfortunately, out of the crisis will be much slower than the input
in it. It is unlikely that the Ukrainian market will come to the position in 2008 before
2014 ", - said Yuri Mirosh-workers. By this time may occur
significant structural changes. Companies will be sold to someone
may withdraw from the market or go bankrupt. For example, recently 88, 78%
Airline shares Kirovohrad "Urga", are charter flights,
bought by American International Consulting Corp. The next step change
owners of the airline's "Dniproavia" privatization tender
Sales 94, 57% of the shares to be held on August 28. As reported
in the State Property Fund, applications for participation in the contest yet, but intentions to privatize
the airport company said four contenders. Among them - the group "Privat"
which already has a relationship to the Dnepropetrovsk airport. Be
Sale 42, 2% of Zaporozhye airline "constant" and 100% of the company
"National airlines of Ukraine". The State Property Fund has announced a competition
to identify them for appraisers. Interestingly, the shareholders of "constants" have decided to
before selling the company to share profits and pay 170 thousand UAH. dividends.
Possible sale of Rivne Airline "Universal-Avia" (35, 52%), as well as
61, 58% stake in Ukraine International Airlines and company "Aerosvit". In the case of the latter, most likely, their
enlarge the share of one of the current owners. Will be leased to
or sold by the sharp fall in demand for air travel airline Mariupol
Metallurgical Combine them. Illich "Ilyich-Avia". However, the possible
bankruptcies, as well as mergers, domestic airlines do not like to talk
and reject such ideas, pointing out that today is enough and associations
with competitors on the routes. Meanwhile, dissatisfaction with not receiving
the usual ration of passengers is growing. And it is likely that "Friday's" stocks
in the near future will be satisfied by no means all. So refusing the undertaking
the idea of ​​merging the benefit of saving premature. Average passenger
workload on regular international flights, domestic flights
decreased to 61%, whereas in the first half of last year this
figure was almost 70%

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