In the center of Kiev construction afoot , " Shevchenko home " in the quarter
between the streets of Vladimir, Boris Khmelnitsky, Tereschenkivska and boulevard Shevchenko,
which can lead to the destruction of home teachers.

Start. Of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine in the various
institutes and other units flew dispatch. Normal seems to be
bumazhentsiya intended to identify the prospects in the development of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, and signed
epistle Managing Director of Academy of Sciences Valery Arsenyuk. In a letter
mentioned Presidential Decree "On establishment of a research
cultural and information center "Shevchenko's house." And marked: Bureau
NAS considered, decided to build a scientific center at
land on the street. Tereschenkivska 2. In addition, the bureau has proved
decided "to support the corporation" Industrial union of Donbass "
Ltd. and "Agrobudpererobka-1" to implement the joint investment project
to create a modern Science Centre NAS based on the existing
complex structures NAS ". [
] How can there be objections to the actual fact? Academy
Science is another center does not hurt, that's for sure, and the Decrees of the President to
perform. So hurray! So, let's find that they are going to build
on the street. Tereschenkivska practically in the heart of the city? They provided
building a research and cultural-information center
"Shevchenko's House", which will include the "Conservation Center manuscripts
foundations of the classics of Ukrainian literature and publications of the literary heritage
with appropriate storage, the Institute of Literature of NAS, the Museum
Ukrainian monuments of literature, the Committee on National Award.
Shevchenko. "In addition, there will be a building in which settle down
"Organizations and institutions NAS sociohumanitarian profile that
are now in the buildings on the streets of Three Saints, 4 and Grushevskogo 4
Herbarium of the Institute of Botany. Cold, a congress hall with 1100 seats, an underground
parking for 500 cars "... Beauty? Of course, beauty. Left
only to find out the following. If you decipher the phrase "organization
sociohumanitarian Profile "located on such and such address, will be obvious
is this: The Institute of Philosophy of NAS of Ukraine at its Three Saints nasidelsya,
enough. In addition, a lot of academic institutions to move out Grushevskogo
4. Who depart these buildings? It is strange because evict one institution to accommodate
on its territory of the other, right? So ... So, the rumors that
Mayor's team is ready to "attach" a huge domino near the European square
were not just rumors? Did city officials enlisted the help of the Bureau
National Academy of Sciences? More - more. If all the above
organization to place in one building, how should it be? Five or six
floors will not get off. Yes, plus the congress hall, plus parking ... 500 cars
who will call in with Tereschenkivska? Apparently, the entrance to equip with any
other streets, which means that a couple of buildings will still be demolished.
And what about the National Herbarium? Yes, his promise to place in
the newly built center, but where he will huddle during construction?
You see, this is not maple leaves, dried between the pages of the textbook
Botany. It designs, requiring certain conditions. Export
them nowhere. The proximity of the construction site would not survive the herbarium. In general, burn it
Fire Protection - expand congress hall ... The new building plan to construct
in the form of a square around the monument of architecture and history of the legendary Central
We are glad this building, scheduled close (literally 1-3 meters)
around the whole house, will inevitably lead to the destruction of the foundation, walls, and unique
in their technical decision glass dome over the building of a memorial.
It seems we are confused and misled the reader. Let us once again
try to understand. That street Vladimir. It is Teacher's House
and a conference room of the NAS of Ukraine. Both buildings are strong. First, inter alia,
represents a hefty historical value. [Http://
] В· St. Vladimir В· Teacher's House Museum of Zoology В· В·
Yellow body University. If Shevchenko face to the House
teachers (the building of the Central Rada), right turns, Shevchenko blvd along
which is yellow housing University. Shevchenko. Also very
remarkable building, which has historical and cultural value. On the left,
along the street. Bohdan Khmelnytsky, is natural science museum. Value
this building is undeniable. But the strength (as well as university and Yellow
case) - is questionable. Ask the attendants, the museum many times here in the
recently broke through a pipe - do stop to question the immutability of
local buildings. Near the museum, on the corner with the very same street Tereschenkivska
Institutions are zoology and botany. Together with the National herbarium,
mentioned above. Value is unquestionable, "tenderness" of buildings - in spades.
And then we got to the point where going to carve a new
Research Center. With all of the world congress halls and parking lots
in many places. This is between academic institutions (from herbarium) and Yellow
housing. Undoubtedly, this piece of the quarter to put in order. But not
the same price ... Multi-storey building, whose construction will cause
damage to the surrounding monuments, and the end of construction - would kill such a wonderful
Kiev quarter. About the house at Three Saints and Grushevskogo we really do not
say, where they disappear after the "exodus" of the Academy of Sciences is anyone's guess ...
This small neighborhood in the heart of Ukrainian capital was not touched Petlura
and Skoropadsky. Carefully treated him and the Soviet builders. Even the "foreman"
Omelchenko did not dare to sculpt the monument itself is a favorite. Now - everything.
Domina "in pursuance of the Decree of the President." In general, the surviving manuscripts, comrades.

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