A good registry of voters and the inevitability of punishment for fraud
at the elections - the main conditions to ensure voter rights . This was in
At a press conference in "Glavred Media" said the director of the Center for Political
and Conflict Studies Mikhail Pogrebinsky .

According to him , to make a quality register of electors is not
easily. "If you were charged any sales network to do this,
it would be for two or three months coped with the problem "- sure Pogrebinsky . Topics
Still, "the country for five years making the registry of voters, and make no mistake
that it will be of poor quality , "- said the expert. However, Pogrebinsky
noted that there should be held responsible for fraud
the election. "If the offender receives a sentence of 100 000 hryvnia fine
I think next time he will think badly ", - said the expert. In his
turn, the political strategist Sergei Gaidai noted that the tax administration
already has all the necessary database for an inventory
voters. " After receiving the tax list of everyone who pays taxes , you get
ready to register "- said political consultant . "Maybe the tax charge
engage in the election ? "- suggested Gaidai . "This is the most powerful force structure
in the country " , - added Pogrebinsky .

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