Named the top 50 food retailers up to the first
half of 2009

An independent consulting group GT Partners Ukraine has prepared rating
"Top-50 food-retailer in Ukraine by number of outlets." Unconditional
leading quantitative trading networks is the network of discount stores, "ATB-Market"
that as of August 2009 consisted of 332 stores. Only
in August the company opened three new stores in the Dnepropetrovsk region.
The second position holds the Fozzy Group (TM Fozzy C \u0026 C, В«Silpo", "Fora"), consisting
of 292 stores. With a large margin behind the company "Buffet table" in the portfolio
which has only 97 stores. According to the study, the main
feature of the first half of 2009 is that many networks have reduced
number of its stores. One-fifth of retailers used in the I half
2009 the practice of closing unprofitable stores. This is typical for
networks, such as "Our Land," "Big Spoon", "Vopak", "Great Kyshenya"
"Cocktail". Some of the market operators have been able to sell part of its assets
("Quarter", "Arsen", "Barvinok," "Oliver") more money to competitors. "We
covered those leased stores, which gave less than 1% of the total turnover, "
- Explains commercial director of "Quiza Trade" Dmitry Kashirin. One of the
the main reasons for the closure of shops by representatives of networks are also called intractable
lessors. "We closed two stores. As one can not agree
the rent due to jumps dollar. The second store was located in a small
regional center, bring only losses, "- explains the head of the Supervisory Board" Cocktail "
Igor Balenko. In turn, 18 of the 50 Ukrainian retailers have expanded a network
compared to the same period last year. 42% of networks were
stable in its development, abandoning all efforts to support the work already
existing outlets. Short break in the ranking of Leadership "ATB-Market"
- The result of hard work last year. "The network now runs
those stores, the opening of which was planned in the previous year. That is
is the inertia discovery "- the director of research firm RetailStudio
Michael Gryshchenko. That is why, according to analysts, by next year
again tops the rating will change. Most likely, they will become the corporation Fozzy
Group. Grishchenko explains it this way: "Now there has been in her huge gap
from our competitors, besides a large corporation that can afford
open new stores through the purchase of other networks. " However, other participants
market this year have to adjust their plans in the light of the crisis.
So, last fall, Igor Balenko declared its intention to increase in
2009 network to 115-118 stores, "Cocktail." "The crisis has all stopped. To
end of the year just will not open (new stores. - "BUSINESS"), "- says
Balenko now. The most effective way to expand the network during a crisis
outbidding was ruined regional networks. That's what the company
"The Ukrainian retail" (TM "Brusnitsya"), part of the "SCM" Rinat Akhmetov.
Network in June absorbed Dnepropetrovsk shops "Olivier", and now
currently negotiating to open stores "Brusnitsya" in areas that
Trade Network has Varus Express. Fozzy Group its new hypermarket
opens in Kharkov in the square, where worked before, "Okay." In the absence of
funds for the acquisition of companies can find alternative ways to expand
- "Our Land", for example, opens shop franchise. The correct format
At the same time, some market participants questioned the need to expand
existing networks. This is explained by the change of the retail format
trade. "Discounters - the best format. People are looking for the price ", - says
Igor Balenko. (To include discounter stores such as "ATB-Market"
or "Brusnitsya" - small shops in which products are widely available
under its own brand. This is the format now conquers buyers
supermarkets.) The most favorable cities to the same network development, according to
GT Partners Ukraine, Donetsk and Lviv became. Favorable to retail development
are also Zhitomir, Khmelnitsky, Volyn, Chernihiv and Cherkassy
area, as well as small towns of Mogilev-Podolsky and Drogobych. "Now
advantageous to develop in areas where the overall economic condition is better.
As before, it is the center of Ukraine, as well as cities. But in the east,
that most felt the crisis, the economic situation worse.
Stores that were not interesting for us in terms of economic
benefits were exactly in the east "- explains Dmitry Kashirin. The most
large geographical coverage of retail networks in Fozzy Group, operating
in 23 regions of Ukraine. It is followed by supermarkets "Buffet", submitted
in 20 different areas, and shops of "Quiza Trade", working in 19 regions.
Total in Ukraine now has 11 national operators of food
trade - are those that are present in at least 4 out of 5 economic-geographic
regions (West, North, Central, East and South).

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