Due to the cost of gasoline and diesel fuel price for the trip they want to raise to 50

Following the commuter minibuses in September, may become more expensive and the city!
Travel from Kiev to Vasilkova is worth UAH 8. instead of 6 grn. and of
White Church - all 20 UAH. instead of 15 USD. Directions to town shuttles
could rise by 50 cents. "If diesel fuel and spare parts are expensive,
then raise fare. Where it was worth 1, 5 grn. Will probably UAH 2. There,
where 2 UAH. - 2 5 UAH. "- Said the" Today "the owner of several routes
Nicholas Batsan. Some owners of short routes say the price increase
while at 25 cents. "We plan to bring to the fall of 1, 75 UAH. 1, 50 UAH. A
we'll see for the costs ", - told the" Today "owner shortest routes
on Solomenka. The association of private carriers say they do not intend to
raise fares. "It gorvlasti want us to raise prices to increase
on public transport. It is necessary that there was a difference, "- says
head of the association of private carriers in Kiev Valery Lipetsk. According to him,
If diesel oil will reach 7, 50 hrn., then just raise the bus
prices. She is now about 7 USD. "City Hall can not say that
raise fares! A private carriers the right to appoint its own tariff,
but they must match it with us, "- chief rejects words Lipetsk
transportation service the city administration, Alexander Kozlovsky. - We Carriers
has not yet been accessed. They have a rate of return, and the current rise in prices
on diesel fuel allows them to operate normally and at the old rates. "

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