Yesterday in the morning on the tramways Mariupol sold cheap sugar.
On the wagons is written - "Sugar Goskomrezerv of Ukraine." among Mariupol
it has caused an unprecedented boom : boom reminiscent of the queue for a deficit of
Soviet times.

- I have a break! ! - Shouted the crowd seller of sugar and removed. further
followed by the details - I need to inject insulin, I am sick with diabetes.
Rumble on for a while simmering , meanwhile, want to buy cheap sugar
All added . And among those who have stood for about an hour, there is talk
about the fight between the two shopper , and all because of the fact that sugar is released
only 10 kg in one hand. - Fighting has occurred due to the fact that one woman
took place in two locations. And when a purchase is repeated , then another
buyers did not like conflict and came to battering -
shopper says Helen. Fortunately, there were no casualties , writes Sugar at a price of 3, 72 kopeks per kilogram brought from Kharkov
area with Novopokrovskiy bread factory. His plan to implement
in all urban markets, the supermarket chain he do not.

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