What will it cost buying a new sofa or saving the old one.

In one of the stories that make up the story of Donald Biscet "Forgotten
Birthday, "Hippo every night was falling out of bed and wake the neighbors. As
it turned out, the beast liked to eat cookies in bed at night crumbs
tickled behemoth, he tossed and turned and finally splashed on the floor, raising
terrible crash. In a similar situation probably visited each. Even
If this is not about crumbs, and just about sticking springs, or shot down over
When using a "roller coaster" and "pit" cushions ... We have estimated
what it would cost update to its berth. Option 1. C
counter - from UAH in 1866 would be cheaper to book fold-Ukrainian
manufacturer. For example, in one of the shops on the street. Builders we found
one of the cheapest - "Nadia" for 1866 USD. Box spring and wooden
frame. Delivery to Kiev (up to the entrance) - 50-100 USD. Selected model may
not be there - will have to wait another 2-3 weeks. Warranty - on
6 months. Option 2. In a network - from UAH 1632 Any purchase over
Internet is fraught with risks: the product may be of lower quality than you
expected. Look for a shop with a good reputation in the network, specify how
issued - invoices, act of delivery, etc. - One of the inexpensive
production factory, "Rath" - 1632 UAH. Model, "American" - said in
Department of home appliances and furniture store "Labaz." If the sofa has
in stock, delivered tomorrow for free in Kiev. The rise in
floors - up to 300 UAH. Payment on delivery. Warranty - 6 months.
Option 3. On order - 1400 USD at the Kiev market can be seen
sellers sitting on couches in the middle of shopping malls. The arsenal
several directories with photos and dimensions of the furniture. You choose the model
place an order (usually this is done with the manager by phone or
e-mail). There is a selection of fabrics and colors. Model-book "Renate"
- One of the "democratic" for the price - 1400 USD. Require pre-payment:
will deliver to the office. Some companies are willing to work with electronic
purse. The remaining 50% of the amount paid on delivery. Manufacturing:
7-20 days. Shipping is free, lift to floors - from 60 UAH. Option
4. Stranger, but as good as new - from UAH 1000 About Metro Zhytomyr
there is a store where they sell refurbished sofas b / y. According to
consultants from the "past life" of the sofas are the mechanisms, frameworks, frameworks
sometimes spring. Reconstruction - the furniture company in Kremenchug: put
New sidewall, replace the cushions and upholstery. On what model is
available, consult by phone (there are ads on the portal "Slando").
Price - USD 1000-1300. Payment on delivery, delivery - free. Rise
the apartment - 20 UAH per floor. Warranty - 6 months. Option 5. Its
after "reconstruction" - 1000 UAH Ads waist and repair
sofas at home are decorated with pillars and stops, and websites. Two popular
forums master furniture maker and Jaroslav Constantine in a personal conversation
confirmed that work in this area for over 9 years. Payment depends on
the amount of work. If this is the only replacement cushions and upholstery - to 1000 grn can
invest. The choice of upholstery is rich - more than 30 types and 10 main groups of tissues.
Jobs - 2 days, the advance payment - to buy materials. Masters give a guarantee
6 months, but after this period are willing to drive up and see if
sofa break something.

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