On Thursday in the Hall of Columns of the Kyiv City State Administration
with the support of Kyiv mayor Leonid Chernovetsky was hoax
prizes among the inhabitants of Kiev , who in the past 3 years time
and fully paid for the use of public utilities .

Such conscientious payers in the capital were more than 94 thousand people.
Each of them, together with the payment of July was invited to participate
the prize draw and to register call-center telephone 15-51.
About this site reports KSCA. To participate in the drawing are 10
910 Kiev, from which the first 300 were invited to the Hall of Columns. Cards with
numbers of the first two dozen winners of the lotto took out Chernovetsky.
He personally presented the prizes and congratulated the winners for timely payment
utilities. "We are all easy, everyone learns to live accordingly
its prosperity, virtually re-arranging priorities for themselves. And Kiev
mass - is no exception. Housing and communal services of the city - this is great
multifunctional mechanism to work, despite the lack of
resources, political or weather conditions. I thank you for that
you with an understanding attitude to our work and the monthly day-to-day pay
for consumption of utilities. In turn, I promise that I and my
team will do everything possible to be in your homes warm and comfortable, so
no penny of your money paid was not wasted, "- said
Chernovetsky. Among the bona fide taxpayers have played 10 gold bank
ingots of different weights (3 pcs. - weighing 5 g, 7 pcs. - weight of 2, 5 oz.), 100 silver
commemorative coins, 300 certificates, which grant the right to receive
guaranteed bonus of "Alfa-Bank", 500 household water filters and
6 multifunctional device (printer / scanner / copier).

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