The Ministry of Internal Affairs initiates tightening of liability for
drivers for driving while intoxicated. This was at a briefing in Khmelnitsky
of Minister of Internal Affairs Yuriy Lutsenko , write Ukrainian News .

"We plan to introduce a draft law to strengthen accountability for drunk
behind the wheel. Especially when driving led to an accident with fatal consequences, "
- The minister said. According to him, for drunken driving
it shall be liable to a fine of 15 thousand hryvnia
or deprivation of rights is a driver for driving while intoxicated , which resulted
death - imprisonment for 12-15 years. Recall that the increased
Fines for driving vehicles in a state of alcoholic or narcotic
intoxication or other tax-free up to 150-200 times the minimum income
citizens, or 2550-3400 hryvnia entered into force on 17 November 2008.
President Viktor Yushchenko favors tightening the responsibility for driving
while intoxicated.

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