Housing and communal services , one of the most important sectors of the
country's economy is directly related to ensuring the life of
population, since eating and litter we tend to always .

The functions performed by the industry are necessary for us as the air we breathe,
and as the air we sometimes this work do not notice until something begins to
go "wrong" until we begin to cover the payment of lifting up oxygen
and not providing the service itself. I'm sure most of our citizens
already know what happens when the week is not garbage, when the month is not removed
in the yard, when winter turned off (or even not included), heating, when
absent not only hot, but cold water, when flowing roof
crumble balconies, elevators do not work, God forbid, become clogged dymventkanaly,
explode at home. Now really looking at the truth on our housing
conditions, we can safely say that 20-30% of the population - the potential
homeless. Soon we will have to pay for utility services in the month than would be
cost of our flat in poor nine-storey apartment blocks and the panel. All
understand that you need something to change the current system is no longer able
control the situation. We used to have a strong and rich state.
Money one much thought, the state itself and managed and financed
All our utilities. Now there's no money, and the system remained unchanged,
- That is, still manages all of the state, and we all pay
You, including this administration. When asked where the money that we pay
in the form of ever-increasing housing payments and money
allocated from the budget (previously allocated), can be answered simply
introducing the scheme shown below, representing the fine filter
all funds coming into the industry: CMU - Ministry of Housing
- The regional administration (Governor, Deputy Governor for
Housing, Provincial Department of Housing) - The city government (Mayor, Deputy
Mayor for Housing, Urban Housing Management) - Management of a single customer - Administrative
management personnel housing and utilities (Director, Accounting
engineer, foreman, etc.) - Working staff (plumbers, janitors,
workers) from the scheme, see who is in the works, and who "controls".
Here we add this management today are compelled to maintain for their
money. Today in the sector of housing and communal services in our country is involved
about 15% of the working population, of which, a large part is occupied exclusively
management. Up to 70% of the money goes exactly to the content of these "rulers".
And 80% of the remaining money by the same "stewards" and assigned. Huge,
army of many thousands of people working in an absolutely useless institutions
such as urban and regional departments of Housing and the Ministry of Housing and Utilities
farms that do not even stravlyayutsya with the task of collecting statistics,
and employed only one worthy activity - distribution of money. The whole system
operates on a "give money". Just imagine what remains of money
allocated from the state budget until they reach our roofs and
porches. More familiar kin will not. No money! Distribute nothing.
There remained some problems to be solved. All spoke strongly
the need for reform. It seems that there was hope that the crisis is
and the complete absence of money (HCS has just reached the bottom of the crisis), we still
become even in our lifetimes seen some changes for the better. Do not guess.
And there are a few reasons. The first is that the upper
echelons of power from the utilities only PR and God forbid a mess of some
responsibility, and change anything without the centralization of decision-making
and responsibility for specific issues (including tariffs)
today it is simply impossible. Second, despite the fact that in all
problems of today to blame the local authorities, in spite of all the existing
problems, they are also especially not in a hurry with any initiatives or as
has long been perceived housing sector as its own business.
The system will never part with my favorite of housing and community
economy. How could there not money, but his every system always
take. Amazingly, a decrease of funds in the industry decreasing
only the portion of costs directly related to the actual volumes
work - "my" as picked up and continue to take (even out of proportion!)
Today, no central government authorities, nor on the ground are not interested
change anything. Attracting private capital, de-monopolization and privatization
market it is all just a cheap slogan. Bureaucratic brethren met and takes
Investor exclusively with the words "Let's money - we will spend them."
The system is interested in the controlled-controlled "private entrepreneurs" who will bring
the system money. Let him come, private capital, but only through our "filter
fine filter. " Just the thing - not owner-driver in a hurry. He terms
needed. The conditions have to create a first central government agencies,
which are now not the slightest idea what this has private trader
needed. Kucherenko profile minister in all cameras are constantly screaming about
need to involve the private operator, and he does everything fundamentally contrary
- All its legislative and regulatory initiatives of the total non-professional
densely flavored nonsense populist electoral idiocy. The minister even
in a situation where nobody listens to it will not and does not perceive, when there is no
single lever on the regions - the money over which the minister has long been laughing
the whole country, still struggling continues to cling to his seat in
hoping to somehow prove himself during the campaign. System
to survive, to stay, she wants to continue to control everything - no one
is not interested in a transparent market. Almost every bureaucrat, every
director of housing department, each member city council just wants to take a couple of
Houses - "vassals" in service to collect housing payments, and assign
heating system or water utility, and in general to be practically the owner of the blue
dream of almost any local people's choice. In the market there is no money,
But still, the market itself. Today the market of housing services is waiting for redistribution
and the system is headed by the Minister is trying to reach the laws "under itself" under the
"Administrative resources". Official task as always simple - to "pick up
all at the same time without having invested anything. " When asked whether the state today,
as before, take care of all the problems of housing and communal services
can be answered unequivocally - no. Moreover - the most important feature of the right
of the reform will be the absence of any need to
ministries and departments of housing hundreds of regional and city

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