Verkhovna Rada Chairman Volodymyr Lytvyn called on all
factions in the near future to send to the Constitutional Court (LCP ), all bills
concerning amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine.

He said this during a meeting of the conciliation board, RBC-Ukraine.
"We have a number of bills to amend the Constitution.
It would be the Verkhovna Rada to consider them all and sent to the KSU, and to remove any
However questions about this. If we were willing to do so,
say, tomorrow, and if not, then at the next plenary week, it would be
correctly. And Parliament would have conducted the first phase, in fact,
Terms of Reference "- said Livtin. He reported that the fifth session of the sixth
convocation of the Verkhovna Rada parliamentary committees to consider the proposed 1000
241 question. The committees have proposed the MPs to reject and remove from consideration
112 bills. On the last, fourth session, suggested that BP
the agenda of 12 bills. Litvin said that before the BP
200 projects proposed regulations on personnel appointments and 18 ratifications
international agreements. He noted that in the near future Parliament should
consider 16 laws, which the president vetoed in the fourth
Sixth session of BP. In particular, we are talking about amending the law
the Law of Ukraine "On State Register", the law on the alienation of land
land for public purposes, which are privately owned.
The Speaker urged members of the conciliation board at the next plenary week
address these issues and take appropriate action.

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