MP, leader of public organization " Front for Change ," Arseniy
Yatsenyuk convinced that the crisis in Ukraine should be developed
domestic production and domestic consumption market , and believes that
economic situation in Ukraine will start to improve in 2011.

He stated this on the air Dnipropetrovsk regional station Pavlograd
area, UNIAN in press-service "Front for Change." Yatsenyuk noted
"We were in a crisis only for one simple reason: we have no internal
the market. " "We take foreign loans, gave these loans to Ukrainian banks,
Ukrainian banks then took the same money and Ukrainians were given as loans.
We'll take these loans as individuals, and then gave these
money abroad, buying imported goods, "- he added. According to him,
thus, the last five years Ukraine has funded foreign economy.
Yatsenyuk stresses the need for the development of domestic consumer market
domestic goods, which are essential for economic
growth in Ukraine. According to him, such an approach makes it possible to have China
today high levels of economic development. The leader of the "Front for Change," notes
we do not know when to end the crisis, because although there are early signs of
of weakening, but the "bottom of the Ukraine crisis has not yet reached." Yatsenyuk believes
that the economic situation in Ukraine will start to improve in 2011. "I think
that 2010 should be a year of stabilization, and 2011-th - the year of planned
growth ", - he said. According to A. Yatsenyuk, it will be thanks to
new industrialization through the development of infrastructure, plant construction,
roads, through the development of the energy sector, industry and agriculture
economy, as well as through the development of the market for domestic consumption. "That's
are two ways out of the situation, then, that Ukraine is really beginning
renewed economic growth, "- said the leader of" Front for Change. "

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