Sergei Bezborodov , president of Q-tec, said that the pool of Russian
Investors bought a French citizen of about 400 hectares of land in La Chaume ( in
70 km from Nice and 8 km from the city Antrevo ).

According to Bezborodov, a project of his company came at the invitation of financier
Vladimir Sirotino, which represents the interests of current owners
land and is the managing partner. Sirotinskiy confirmed this, but to reveal
investor and the seller refused to land. Them, he said, five, and
not only by Russian businessmen. They are, according to Bezborodov, live in Russia,
but construction did not do. Invest in risky real estate crisis
and this is one of the reasons why investors want to remain incognito until the beginning of
project, explained a source close to the project participants. Project
Two weeks ago, was presented to local authorities, said Mayor Christian Antrevo
Gatti, adding that the tourist attraction had not yet received the permission of higher
authorities. Harmonization of documents will take about six months, says Sirotinskiy.
Q-tec will make the project developer, the concept of developing a French
Architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte (his representative has confirmed this). Now
territory is a nature reserve with a few buildings of XVII century.
The new owners, according to Bezborodov, plan to create a secluded resort:
"Place of meditative, obviously, this will be a private club-oriented
held by men. "A third of the earth shall build frantsiyaDeveloper suggests
that will go for construction of about 120 hectares, the area will be divided into several
zones: one of the most remote points located boutique hotel, 50-70
rooms, some expensive villas on the hillside (worth 5 million euros)
and town apartment (100 homes for about 1 million euros). It also assumes
construction of farm, luxury stables, a spa and observatory. Results will be erected
about 100 000 sq. km. meters of real estate, investment minimum estimates Bezborodov
of 200 million euros, "It will be equity investors. But we can not rule
and borrowing. "He expects the town will be built
for seven years. Experts surprised by the choice of an investment. Senior
vice-president of Knight Frank Andrew Zakrevsky "is not very clear target
segment of the project ": to sell expensive houses, 70 km from the coast," it is necessary
to try. "resort will be oriented not only to Russians, but on the whole
Europe, emphasizes Bezborodov. "The Europeans have a different stereotype acquisition
Real estate: they see it primarily as an investment and expensive
purchases are made in the iconic places, "- objects Zakrevsky. The project has
may change, says Sirotinskiy.

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