CellPhones for theft and tracksuit already thrown "skilled"

Petty thieves - thieves poultry, sausages and gamers - are
given prison sentences of up to 3 years. After the President signed in June
law introducing stricter liability for petty theft, the rank and file
Administrations will have more work, and in areas there were kidnappers, who earlier
able to avoid liability for theft. Recall, according to new law
Now criminal liability arises if the damage is only
60 hryvnia 50 cents and not more than 907 hryvnia, as before. The police
We were told that many seasoned thieves in interrogations strongly perturbed by
about the new rules. "They say with surprise, that before for stealing two ducks
There was nothing, and now investigators are excited matter. Distressed, indignant,
say, as it is! Now, if a person is caught stealing for the first time, it condemns
probation. But if he already had a criminal record or had been detained as a thief,
what about all of the previous episodes, we report to the courts. And then he gets real
up to three years. By the Kiev region already have such examples, - the
We head of the press-service Kiev oblmilitsii Nicholas Zhukovich. - But
ordinary people of this change have won. For example, those who steal mobile
phone. Previously, it excited and looking for a thief if he steals the amount of more
907 UAH. 50 kopecks. - Up to this amount does not "hold out" the majority of gamers do not
to mention the duck. " Unofficially, the regional central board say that the new
rules of good work and loaded up their paperwork, but deny
in criminal cases, they are not at risk - the Interior Ministry before the end of the year holds
cleaning in their ranks. Meanwhile, in the Poltava region appeared
candidate for the term stole a tracksuit from the store. "The guy at the
day received salary and wanted to buy new clothes. Along the way, went to a friend's note
his holiday and already drunk went to the store. There, he liked sports
suit, walked into the fitting room, dressed, and suddenly realized that he could just steal it.
On top of the suit threw his clothes and headed for the exit. Vendors have noticed
that from the looks of their clothing products, called the police. Now the guy for
stolen suit cost 100 hryvnia faces up to 3 years "- told us
assistant chief of the Kiev Poltava rayupravleniya militia Vladimir

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