If you do not want your friends realtors fell right kondrashka -
do not show them the newspaper. They are so much assured us that the current Kiev
prices unduly low, - and then a brutal blow. 8 ВЅ
thousand euros for excellent accommodation in Germany! 9000 with a small - for an apartment
Hurghada in the resort !

Even less - for their shelter in evergreen Thailand! These proposals
we have taken from the popular Russian website on real estate prian.ru, which
advised our readers Valery Exactly. But estate-invest.ru and domnamore.ru
confirmed that the case in foreign markets is the case. Meanwhile
in the cheapest district of Kiev - Darnytskyi - per square meter are still asking
over 770 euros. And it gives someone! In the German Freiburg - 8500 euro
In the description of the apartment there is a kind of German thoroughness.
Area - 32 square floor - the upper, year of construction - 1988, space in the basement
and a room for drying clothes - are included. In addition, now empty apartment
- Called in and live. Incidentally, Freiburg - a resort and not the usual, and wine:
so he was lucky with the soil, and the valley, which protects from the wind. A 66
km - Leipzig, Saxony's largest city, with its exhibitions, fairs,
famous zoo and the largest aquarium in Europe. In Thai
Pattaya - 9300 Euro This studio apartment is, of course, is small - only
26 squares, and empty. Want a fully furnished - take over 12 300
euros in the same house. But why do you need in Thailand, the king's chamber? Anyway you
they will not sit! And for a long time to buy a pair of wicker chairs and holodilnichek
with beer? And then - even themselves live, saving on hotels and even fellow
give up. Fortunately, there is summer - all year round. In Egypt Hurghada - 9714
Euro Hurghada have suggestions and cheaper - for eight and a half thousand.
But those apartments will be ready only in May 2010. This housing complex
of 16 houses, located in the suburb of Abu-Achard, is ready. However, with
finished flat at 45 squares will cost 13 500 euros, but it's not so hot
some margin area of ​​the complex - landscaped pedestrian zone
from a bus stop to go 50 meters. 5 minutes by car
You can reach the city center, for 7 - to the sea. And, you can do
itself a separate entrance, a terrace near the garden and break. Sunny
Bank in Bulgaria - 10 920 euros, of course, 28 "squares" - is not
the most spacious accommodation in the world. The more - not ready housing, and "investment
the project. " On the other hand is sold in installments and without any fees - from the builder.
When completed, it will be a apartment in a luxury complex closed
type. He will be protected all year round and include six swimming pools,
two tennis courts, two golf mini golf, a medical center, spa, salon
Beauty, fitness, not to mention the bars. Sunny Beach
although it is the largest resort in the east of Bulgaria, sometimes referred to as just
Do not backwater. But only 30 km away is the Burgas - the second largest city
Bulgarian Black Sea coast. And there is the airport ... In Italian
Rock - 15 000 EUR If you live in the studio for 18 squares you not smiling
in the same complex near the sea were available apartments of 26 thousand euros.
One bedroom and a balcony. Come on, where you can find in Kiev by dvuhkomnatku
such a price? A resort in the Rock, this jewel of Calabria - easily.
In Turkey Alanya - 19 000 Euro Four-bedroom apartments
of 48 squares sells the same owner - says the money is needed.
And out of apartment windows see the sea - to a mere 100 meters. Golden sand
Antalya, 300 days of sunshine a year, neighbors - the Russians, Germans, Dutch,
Danes ... In the Finnish Kotka - 18 600 euro And plus 3500 euros
commission. For the money you get a studio for 30 squares, which
can be divided into two flats. House - a three-story, but it has its own
sauna. Kotka, of course, not the tropics, but here Alexander III and his family often
vacationing here. Fisherman, the boat ride ... In the Danish Aarhus
- 15 000 Euro 17 square meters - almost kennel. But where! In
second largest city in Denmark - it is the second largest port, also known as
major industrial center. And not just industry: here are held musical
Festivals of European importance, and Aarhus Symphony Orchestra is known for
around the world. - Actually, in Denmark we have enough housing, - said
"The newspaper in Kiev" Vadim Nevsky - representative of the company Midas, which
sell corner in Aarhus. - In Sweden - a lot more. At what price, say
expect? Up to 20 thousand euros? Yes, you can find. Let me write down your e-mail
address - to reset the remaining proposals. Vadim assured that Midas can
help in preparation of documents that need a foreigner to buy a home
in Denmark - and the most in 6 weeks will be our apartment. In
Dutch The Hague - 34 000 euro If you compare with other prices,
which we have - it certainly looks impressive. But if we compare
with the average price of Kiev - will be that one-bedroom apartment in the Ukrainian
capital can be changed at any luck in two-bedroom at The Hague!
But what The Hague - is unlikely to explain ... ... And Swedish house
7,500 euros for the Swedish - because in Sweden, in the picturesque village
Norrforsh. Modest is as follows: two floors, the attached bathroom, spacious rooms,
kitchen with electric stove and hood. Bathroom, sewerage and water supply - as
in a city apartment, alone - laundry with washing machine in the basement
- A workshop. Oh, and area of ​​800 square meters - if someone ogorodnichat
want. "The newspaper ...В»: ... Of course, borrowing a corner somewhere in
warm sea, for it will have to pay taxes, spend money on travel and visa
and if to settle there, then something needs to be addressed to the registration: In most
developed countries buying a property does not mean a residence permit.
But if you - retired and suffering to the employment you do not,
One problem you have less. So why not move to any place
with a perpetual holiday season, running the government and sane mayor
without "an ambitious young team"? But at the same time - without the speculators with their spells
that "housing can not be cheap."

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