The struggle for control of troubled banks between the two groups of influence
Surrounded by the Prime Minister went to the final stage .

Proteges First Vice-Premier Alexander Turchinov benefit people
co-owner of a large Donetsk financial-industrial groups in the battle for "RodovС–d Bank." In the case of
capture this outpost, under the supervision of representatives of Turchinov can go
and other troubled banks According to the В«iВ», The National Bank may
authorize the replacement of a temporary administrator "Rodovid Bank" Sergey Shcherbina.
In his place, people familiar with the publication matchmaker Alexander Sokolov,
that at the end of last week finished work as temporary administrator
Ukrgasbank. Himself, Mr. Sokolov comment on his possible appointment
in "RodovС–d" refuses. "I do not confirm this information," - said
it В«iВ». Formally, the reason for the change in the interim administration "RodovС–d
Bank "may be a request for additional capitalization of 1 billion USD.,
which Sergey Shcherbina sent to the Cabinet last week. "Dokapitalizatsiya
Ukrgasbank is no longer necessary ", - said the head of crisis management NBU
Yuri Petrov. Now, with the NBU and the Cabinet hoped that the need for capital increase
disappears and the "Rodovida." Meanwhile, the appearance of Mr. Sokolov
"Rodovid Bank" will speak about what took place on the spheres of influence
to troubled banks, and the possible withdrawal of the submission of the Cabinet Nominations
interim managers to "Nadra" and Ukrprombank. According to market participants,
team director of the department to work with troubled banks Finance Taimur
Bagirov, which also includes Alexander Sokolov, close to the environment first
Vice-Premier Alexander Turchinov. In turn, Sergei is Shcherbina
Acting protege Minister of Finance Igor Umansky, who, though sometimes it
and called a puppet of the Presidential Secretariat and personally Alexander Shlapak,
actually included in the sphere of influence of one of the advisers of Yulia Tymoshenko.
Bankers say that interest in the latest "Rodovid Bank"
was associated with significant loans issued for the construction of residential and office
complex area of ​​250 thousand square meters. m in attics. However, developments around
troubled banks showed that the businessman wanted to extend its influence
and other financial and credit institutions. That's why the positions
temporary administrators and Ukrprombank bank "Nadra" have been proposed candidates
Igor and Andrew Frantskevich Kiriyenko (worked in the vice-president of "Rodovid Bank"
under the leadership of Dennis Gorbunenko, which is also included in the sphere of influence
businessman). To date, according to the В«iВ», defined candidate
a temporary administrator in Ukrprombank - they can become the former head of the group
Advisers chairman NBU Andrew Kiyak. In turn, bankers say
Frantskevich that Igor has the right to manage the bank "Nadra" for any team.
"This is a professional banker, who is respected by everybody", - says Minister Counsellor
Sergey Yaremenko economy.

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