The new tariffs will be in October.

In the municipality decided to raise the price of funeral services. Draft order
already posted on the official website of the KSCA. As told to us head cupola
Basil Yastrubinsky pricing, the average tariffs on ritual services
will increase by 10-25%. All this is done, he said, to improve their
return and fill the budget. For example, in a standard cremation coffin
now cost 610 USD., even though it was 445 USD. burial urns in a columbarium
- 315 UAH. instead of 290 UAH., digging graves in winter - to 777 UAH. (To be
695), and in summer - 220 (was 114), the installation of the monument - up to 1146 (830 UAH).. Go up
and paperwork. Contract Order for the funeral will cost
8, 25 instead of 7, 8 USD. And registration certificate of the burial - 4, 62 instead of
4, 1 grn. As told to us in special plant on Vorovskogo which
serves the entire city, now a funeral "to a minimum" would cost $ 3, 5 thousand
UAH. After raising - 4, 5 thousand UAH. The project could be amended to
October 8, then it must sign the mayor and the new rates take effect.
Private entrepreneurs argue that it is only the beginning. "City Hall has monopolized
ritual and now the market will continue to raise prices - sure Ludmila
Sidorenko, head of the Association of Entrepreneurs scope of funeral services in Kiev.
- We no longer even on the territory of cemeteries, to erect a monument, are not allowed.
Require checks on the tiles and cement, a certificate of payment of the single tax identification
customer code - this is nonsense! ". The Antimonopoly Committee has already drawn attention
for funeral fees, which this year alone has changed three times - say,
private owners to put forward baseless claims. The authorities believe that
just put things in order in the market.

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