"Ukravtodor" declared its readiness to terminate the contract with the consortium " Transmagistral ."

Repair Lions road - Krakovets is a prerequisite for
Euro 2012 in Ukraine. He is the concessionaire of the road Lions
- Krakovets and is obliged to hold capital reconstruction of the route, but still
far have not started to work. "As the central executive
power, we are officially warned "Transmagistral" because of the failure
terms of the agreement are planning to break the treaty with them. Or by mutual consent,
or through the court unilaterally, "- said the" case "head" Ukravtodor "
Vadim Gurzhos. Construction was delayed for such a radical
measures "Ukravtodor" ready to go, if before the end of October "Transmagistral" not
begin reconstruction. Recall Repair Lions road - is Krakovets
prerequisite for Euro 2012 in Ukraine. "In October
They ("Transmagistral." - "BUSINESS") shall begin work. Otherwise,
we find a new concessionaire ", - said the" case "Head of the Lviv
State Administration Mykola Kmit. According to him, the concessionaire
there are problems with project financing. In turn, representatives of
"Transmagistrali" has rushed to assure the representatives of the Lviv regional state administration,
that they were able to draw credit from one of Europe's banks. "The first 100
mln. company has promised to start in Ukraine before the end of this month, "
- Deputy Head of Lviv Regional State Administration, Sergei
Taratuta. In this case, according to Vadim Gurzhos, "Ukravtodor" did not receive
an official letter about fundraising by "Transmagistrali."
In turn, the company "Transmagistral" all be blamed on "Ukravtodor."
"The State of the contract must pay 40% of funding. And while the budget
do not allocate these funds, so our investor wants to invest in the project, "
- Explains the vice-president of Economic and Legal Affairs of
"Transmagistral" Bogdan Nesteruk. The road to building a billion
road Lviv - Krakovets should begin as early as 1999, when the company
"Transmagistral" was the way to the concession period of 49 years. However, the company
still not been able to hire a contractor. In 2006, the Spanish company
Nesso won the tender and the contractor began construction of the road, but it
has failed to provide "Ukravtodor" guarantees of project financing,
as a result of an agreement with her was terminated. Re-tender for
contractor has failed, since the application for participation in it has filed only one
company. "Until now, there are searches contractor", - says head of
Chief of Department of Architecture and urban planning of the Lviv regional state administration
Stepan Lukashik. The cost of road construction was approved
Cabinet in 2003. It was to be 1, 63 billion UAH. And it is
This figure is contained in the Plan of Ukraine's preparations for Euro 2012, approved
Government in July this year. "While the estimates do not change, but I do not exclude
that amount could still change, "- said Taratuta. Under the terms of the concession
agreement, funding the construction is carried out by 60% due to the concessionaire
and 40% due to "Ukravtodor." Consortium "Transmagistral" was created
in 1999 as a statutory association of legal persons for the project
to build and operate a new highway Lvov - Krakovets
on a concession basis. The road is a vital component in the preparation of Ukraine
Euro 2012 and part of an international transport corridor Berlin - Wroclaw
- Kiev. On the construction of the first pay highway in Ukraine 84 km long
given to three years.

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