Poll: for Viktor Yanukovych ready to vote for 21, 3% of the respondents.

Party of Regions leader Viktor Yanukovych would get the largest number of
vote if presidential elections were held in the near future
Sunday. This was reported today the director of the National Institute
Yuriy Ruban Strategic Studies, commenting on the results of a sociological
survey, which he leads them to an institution with 8 to 12 September.
According to the survey, prepared to vote for Yanukovych 21, 3%
respondents for the BYuT leader, Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko - 14%, for the leader
Front for Change Arseniy Yatsenyuk - 10, 1% for the current President Viktor
Yushchenko - 7, 1%, for Speaker of the BP Chairman Volodymyr Lytvyn People's Party
- 4, 3% of CPU leader Petro Symonenko - 4% for the Freedom Chair, Oleg
Tyahnybok - 2, 9% for the socialist leader Oleksandr Moroz - 1, 6%.
At the same time for other candidates were willing to vote for 3, 1% of Ukrainians
Vote against all - 17, 6% were unable to determine 14% of respondents.
Commenting on the survey data, Ruban said: "On the eve of election
campaign is a certain stagnation ratings of those politicians who
are considered the favorites, and huge financial resources already invested
individual politicians have no effect. " In addition, according to the expert
Today there is growing number of people, "disillusioned existing
policy proposal, "and" vibrant political show, "do not answer to citizens
on what is happening in the country. However, Ruban expressed confidence
that most citizens will be determined by his political tastes
in the last days of the campaign. The survey was conducted by the National
Institute for Strategic Studies, from 8 to 12 September. During this period,
Institute for the quota sample of respondents interviewed in 2010 in all regions of Ukraine,
Crimea, Kiev. Sampling error is 2, and 2%. Recall that in
the late summer of Viktor Yanukovych admitted that receive more than 50% of the votes of voters
the presidential election. The Source: UNIAN

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