Head of the Presidential Secretariat Ulyanchenko Vera moved to the train
from the vehicle in order to save time and money.

The Head of SP said the evening air television channel ICTV. "Indeed,
travel by train to Khmelnytsky for me (it should be, - ed.) 84 UAH. Imagine
themselves, drive car 340 kilometers, and then another and enjoy ago
machine - it certainly saves. However, it saves not only
money, it saves time. Because the train ride,
because of its speed, faster than travel by roads, especially roads,
are reconstructed, "- said Ulyanchenko. Ulyanchenko went
a visit to Khmelnitsky region on the train when it is stressed
that travel by train - this is not one-off event. "And in terms of under-funding
Presidential Secretariat today ... it's removal today a serious problem, "
- Summed up the head of the Presidential Secretariat. Also, in an interview with the head
Presidential Secretariat Ulyanchenko Faith does not exclude that the agreements
between the two big factions in the Verkhovna Rada to approve the state
2010 budget. "Today there is such information that may
by agreement between the two megafraktsy budget is adopted. Because it is advantageous
those two factions, which long ago co-operate and demonstrate such
on a common position, "- she said. She also stated that the decision
Constitutional Court (CC) on the updated law on presidential elections in Ukraine
not affect the electoral process. "I do not think that the consideration of individual
articles of this law will affect the electoral process, "- she said.
Ulyanchenko stressed that Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko has declared unconstitutional
individual articles of the law. "The president never said the abolition of the law
of elections, "- she said. Recall, September 17, President
Viktor Yushchenko harshly criticized the government fiscal policy, calling
its unprofessional and not struggling with the crisis, and vice versa - deepening
it. The Source: Interfax-Ukraine, LIGABusinessInform

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