At the International Investment Forum in Sochi Russian head of government
Vladimir Putin named one of the causes of global imbalances in the global economy
that the American dollar is the world's sole reserve currency.

"The only issue center located in Washington, and no one controls
issue "- said the Russian prime minister. Putin indicated that he sees two ways out
of the situation: either come to an "agreement on common rules"
release of the world's reserve currency, or create a financial system, providing
many reserve currencies. In essence we are talking about rethinking the idea of
creating a "superrezervnoy" currency, expressed in his time the President of Kazakhstan
Nursultan Nazarbayev and backed by Nobel laureate and spiritual father
"Euro" Robert Mandel. According to Nazarbayev, it is in times of crisis
States could combine their currencies to a successful exit
him. This idea, incidentally, has already played a role in limiting the current "supercurrency"
- The U.S. dollar. And not without reason. Recently quoted figures
that the world "walk" 1 quadrillion 420 trillion dollars. Digital astronomical,
ten times more than the GDP of all countries in the aggregate.
By manipulating the printing press, the United States shifts its problems on others
countries, extensive use of dollars in economic calculations. And the fact that
problem in America is just as big, said the fact that the other day in the U.S.
went on sale a new calculator for calculating the dozens of trillions of
dollars. Without him, it turned out, it would be impossible to use in calculations
unprecedented amount of U.S. national debt, which at the beginning of September
reached 11, 8 trillion. In contrast, uncontrolled emissions
and appeared as an instrument of the euro on the U.S. to conduct an independent monetary policy
Europe. And now the idea of ​​their own common currency received and on other continents
and even regional level. It is planned to create it in South America
in the Gulf. The possibility to make the regional reserve
Chinese currency Yuan said. We consider this possibility for the ruble,
at least within the EurAsEC and the CIS. More recently, the need to create
regional currency for Asia said Japan. At the same time, everyone understands
that despite the fact that even the United Nations issued its harsh verdict money
the U.S. system, at once to abandon the dollar is unlikely. Firstly, that
do countries with quadrillion dollars? Indeed, for many countries it is - the equivalent of
goods or raw materials, given for those "paper". And secondly, most
International Settlements is measured in dollars, and should take a long time,
to put the oil trade to other units. It is no accident
creating an anti-crisis fund EurAsEC countries have agreed so far to use
to calculate the dollar and the ruble is not, although it is in Russian rubles (translated
in dollars) and is based fund (75% of contributions are determined by the participation of Russia).
At the same time it is possible that such a fund and could be the basis
for the gradual transfer of payments between the EurAsEC countries in U.S. Dollars as
a single regional currency. For example, 70% of its turnover in Russia and Kazakhstan
occur in border areas. And now, in many regions of the world cross-border
trade into the national currency. So, incidentally, is on the Russian-Chinese
boundary, is ready for this turn and Turkey in trade with Russia. What
As for China, it has long produced a certain amount of exchange
currency with its most advanced partners, and has recently become available and
Loans in Renminbi. So quite naturally can occur and promote
Ruble to the role of the currency of the EurAsEC. The statement of any currency
replacement of the dollar is unlikely to happen. First of all, because the world has changed
since the Bretton Woods agreement, which recognized the universal dollar
currency, and now really only used the "basket of currencies" - in addition to the dollar,
it includes the euro, pound, yen, Swiss franc. And the candidates for completion
baskets are ruble and yuan, and eventually, perhaps, a new Arab
currency. But the "weight" of each of them in the updated basket has no
able to predict. At a meeting with President Nazarbayev in Orenburg
Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said that not all members of the world
community demonstrated a willingness to radically reform the international
financial system. Medvedev himself believes that we need its capital
reconstruction. After the creation of the IMF, the World Bank and other financial institutions
go into all the same forties, when the world was very different. That's "conserve"
situation where the "weight" Belgium is much higher than the "weight" of Russia in decision
IMF decisions, and many new states in general there are not represented.
Medvedev's already expressed at previous meetings, "twenty"
(And the "big eight", too), is aimed primarily at changing
this provision. And other members of the "eight" does not seem to mind. Americans
even suggested that the Europeans "make room" for the benefit of developing countries. But
when we are talking about a new distribution of votes, the matter came to a halt. And due
it primarily to the fact that now no one even can not assume what
we will emerge from the crisis, who will be exhausted, and who have amassed forces.
In the middle of last century, America dominated the post-war Europe,
and its Marshall Plan instilled dollar economy of the Old World. USSR was
behind the Iron Curtain, in China there was a civil war, defeated Germany
and Japan had no right to vote. And what will happen now? Who will come in
World leaders? "Twenty?" Or "eight", plus India and China, and possibly
and Brazil? Or the role of leaders take over, "Chimerica," as has been dubbed
potential alliance between China and the U.S., two, of course, the most powerful economies in the world?
Changes in the economic and geopolitical map of the world in
ways and determine whose currency will rise. And in any event in this process
Russia is not going to sit idly by. "In the near future the government
starts forming exit strategies, a set of actions for modernization
check and ensure the post-crisis development "- said, in particular,
Vladimir Putin at an investment forum in Sochi. As for the
dollar, while the Russians should not rush to get rid of him. Judging
on the dynamics of household deposits in banks, and they do not do it. Although trust
the ruble, according to the same banking statistics, is growing and the share of ruble deposits
too. But most have realized that you can not keep "all your eggs in one
basket ", and lays out his savings in different currencies. Similarly,
in different currencies keep state "safety cushion" - online
fund to soften the blow of the global financial crisis on the Russian economy.
At the same time the central banks of all countries in recent
again guided by the gold price which rose to $ 1,000
per troy ounce. So, the dollar's share in the "currency basket" may be
in the near future really starts to decline.","\u0026nbsp; \u0026nbsp;

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