The District Administrative Court of Kiev has suspended a third time in the contest
OPP privatization , Ukraine dropped from 8 to 9 ranked producer countries
steel, while the volume of collected premiums auto insurance market grew by 70 %

Exchange Rates Today, September 22, the average selling rate of cash
the dollar was 8, 55 hryvnia for one dollar, the average rate for the dollar - 8, 50
hryvnia for one dollar. The average selling rate in exchange offices of Ukraine the euro
$ 12, 65 hryvnia for one euro. The average rate of buying euros - 12, 35 hryvnia
per euro. The average selling rate of the ruble - 2, 80 hryvnia for 10 rubles,
average rate of purchase - 2, 70 hryvnia for 10 rubles. Trading on the interbank
foreign exchange market opened in the range of 8, 47-8, 50 hryvnia for one dollar. They were
in the range of 8, 45-8, 49 hryvnia for one dollar. Bidding closed in the range of 8, 50-8, 52
hryvnia to the dollar. Industrial District Administrative
Kiev court at the suit of "DneproAzot" (Dneprodzerzhinsk) for the third time suspended
the tender for privatization of JSC "Odessa Portside Plant" (IPF).
This was reported by a representative of "DneproAzot" in court with Alex Nizhnik
reference to the relevant decision of the court on 22 September.
As a result of Ukraine in August dropped from 8th to 9th place in terms of
production in the ranking of countries producing steel. Domestic steelmakers
last month made two, 66 million tons of steel and gave the 8-th place in Brazil,
which were produced on August 2, 68 million tons of this production. According to
Experts, Brazil managed to increase production of steel and bypass Ukraine
through a more developed domestic market consumption of steel products.
In this country, the state implemented a program of infrastructure development.
Insurance In the first half of 2009, volumes of collected
premiums in the market aviastrahovaniya compared to the same period of 2008
grew by 70% - up to 150 million hryvnia. Such an increase in fees aviastrahovanii
is connected, first of all, with Ukraine's accession to the Montreal Convention.
In this voluntary liability insurance carriers
increased by 6 times - up to 11, 3 million hryvnia, AviaKASKO - 117% - up to 12, 6
Riven million, but the largest segment of this market - the compulsory insurance
Civil Aviation - by 53% (up to 113 million hryvnia). Banks Banks
have been actively buying up government debt securities, especially after
addition, the Finance Ministry proposed a three-and six-month paper with a yield higher
20%. Bankers attributed the increased interest in government bonds the opportunity to get high
yield in the absence of conditions for lending to the economy in the short term.

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