On October 5 end funds earmarked for military power
Armed Forces of Ukraine.

This was stated by Alexander Kuzmuk Regions, UNIAN reports. In his
said in late July ended funds for bathing and laundry to ensure
personnel; in September there are no funds to pay for utilities
services and armed forces will not be prepared for the winter period.
"The provision for training of troops and forces, that is the basis for defense
budget submitted for the fourth quarter and all previous periods of armed
forces absolutely do not engage in combat and operational training, "- stressed
Kuzmuk. Also, in his opinion, "an obscure parade
struck out three months of training and washed out MAT funds to which they
able to improve its combat capability. "Kuzmuk also noted that
draft budget for 2010 is also provided sufficient funds
the financing needs of the APU. "But the funding situation
more dramatic. After all, the minimum requirement, which in the current
year at 18 billion hryvnia, and the next year increased to 19, 8 billion
and will continue to grow in arithmetical progression, "- said Kuzmuk.
He also noted that today is completely frustrated the fulfillment of state
development programs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine till 2011, development
weapons and military equipment acquisition and transfer to the Army military
contract service. Also, in his opinion, "the current government can not
and does not want to rely on their own strength, because the defense breaks down
state and at the same time appealing to the international community in search of some
security guarantees, in particular considering participation in NATO, which will not. "
Kuzmuk noted that at present the power of artificially created danger
for national security. "If the state politically, economically,
morally weakened from the inside - these factors are the lure for foreign
forces, "- he said.

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