Market needs little apartment - this is confirmed by ordinary consumers , the
which is not enough money for a 50- meter one-room mansion in new homes .
But the new realities were prepared only a few developers .

Too high on a wave of construction boom, builders stamped
home with large, even huge apartments, no matter to what
class owned the house and where it is located. Even on the outskirts of the city
new building was difficult to find one-bedroom apartment of less than 40-45
square. m, 2-bedroom apartment start from 65-70 square meters. m, three-room - at best
85 square meters. m. But the crisis has shown that the greatest demand
small, good-sized apartment. True, about the
what is this rational size, market experts are not agreed.
For example, the president of "Tsentrbudinvest" Oleg Kharchenko, based on our own
experience, said that the apartments of 40-45 square meters. m now selling well,
as possible. Maximum total area demanded by the market
flats, according to his observations - 90 square meters. m. However, other numbers to call the builder
and can not - even in his apartment complex Cosmopolitan minimum area
1-room apartment - 44 sqm, 2-room - 77 square meters. m, 3-room - 92
square. Buyers am forced to agree to such areas. Although gravitate
to buy smaller ones. Therefore in a better situation today was
the most popular developer "Kyivmiskbud" that even 2-3 years ago built the
on the left bank of Kiev prefab houses with relatively small apartments.
The independent expert Jaroslav Tsukanov argues that, even today, small-caliber
apartments in buildings that are close to completion, sold out
active, do not even need to advertise. In his opinion, the most
demand will be such accommodation: 1 bedroom apartment - 25 square meters. m total
Square 2-bedroom - about 45 square meters. m, 3-room - 70-75 square meters. m "You can
even call it a modern version of "Khrushchev". It is true that developers still
not aware of the need for such dimensions, at best, the market will
flat out for 35-40 square meters. m, 60-65 sq. m, and 85-90 square meters. m ", - says
expert. Marketing Director В«SV DevelopmentВ» Vladimir
Stepenko otherwise. He is convinced that one-bedroom apartments of up to 30
square. m building is impractical and will not buy them. According to him, to replace
Dormitory and malometrazhki old (their size is just 22-30 square meters. m)
new does not make sense. "Normal budgetary choices are 35-40 square meters.
m, 60-65 sq. m and 70-75 square meters. m for one-, two-and three-bedroom apartments respectively "
- Says the expert. While even these options do not offer the primary market,
the main sales come from their counterparts in the secondary. Most Committed
today (and last) transactions accounted for by one-bedroom apartments
- To get his "ticket to Kiev," many want. To begin with the young visitors
people or families will be sufficient, and 30 square meters. m sure Ya Tsukanov, pay
30 thousand dollars (1 sq. km. M "of the primary" today costs from $ 1,000) is much simpler
than 45-50 thousand dollars' difference, even 10 thousand dollars - the price of the car.
Over time, buyers will want such a change for a large, but
Start a compact version is enough. This can be compared
with a long stay in a hotel, where the size of a standard room is
up to 20 square meters. m "- proves an expert. Build a new Yet
Still, some developers have already understood the new realities of the market and at least mentally
changed their plans. In practice, few people dare to make changes in
planning and approval of projects to do in the second round. Gigantomania
continues to suffer most companies. For example, one-bedroom apartments
the mass builder of "console" are larger than 50 square meters. m
Company "YUZTS" offers "odnushki" an area of ​​49 sq.m. As explained
B. Stepenko, plans developers are ready to change just about objects,
which are at a very early stage of construction. If hands
already have all the negotiation documentation, no one has to redo
will not. The expert also noticed the tendency of many objects repositioning
and reduce their klassnosti. These changes are just a mandatory
entail a reduction in the area of ​​apartments and the redistribution of "private."
In the houses of the class "economy" should be the most one-bedroom apartments,
a little less - one-bedroom, least of all - the three-room apartments and more.
"Competent developers make changes to their crisis management plans and their
activity. And when will resume active sales, they will win "
- Says the expert. "Conceptually, relevant to the issue size
Apartments have changed - when you show developers the economy of such projects,
they agree that it is profitable and will be in demand. But the question of modernization
projects is not only to re-plan interior space
home, punch the other risers, even change the terms of reference and re-pass the state examination.
On all of these procedures simply do not have money, "- explains Oleg Ya Tsukanov
Kharchenko said that developers have no plans reconsidered. "While
sell all built apartments, new houses and not laying on the new
projects do not work "- he explains. Because forecasts are not justified
and the lack of clear understanding of the market, nobody is eager to invest in
new projects in its essence.

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