Experts noted the high level of finishing of apartments in residential complex
"Sunny ".

Construction of residential complex "Sunny" is completed with vigor.
We are carrying out finishing and facade work. Experts say high
the level of interior finish and materials used in construction.
Nina Kolpakov, honored builder of Ukraine, which since the 90s was
Chairman of the State Commission for acceptance of houses in operation in
Kiev, said: "Over the past decade, not many people put into operation
objects in Kiev had such a high level of work performed and the quality of
materials used, as the residential complex "Sunny." The level of finishing materials
LCD "Sunny" correspond to parameters of the business class, and brick walls, the device
linings, roof, facade and tie to meet all the requirements of existing
regulations. One gets the impression that FGC "Pagoda" either very rich or
very conscientious company. " Thus, the heating system in the residential complex "Sunny"
made with wired plastic pipes in the floor REHAU (which are protected in
corrugated pipe). The company REHAU provides 10 years warranty on all their communications.
All chimneys, heating and hot water treated
Insulated THERMAFLEX, which will provide savings of coolant. Radiators -
Heating appliances such as KORADO, are compact, robust and
aesthetics. Each apartment has fire, shock,
anodized, the metal doors. Professional screed
- Is the distinguishing feature of objects FGC "Pagoda". All constructed
houses the company does tie to the point that the residents there is no need
change it or improve it. The residential complex "Sunny" buckle-layer
with the addition of a layer of gravel shumozaschischayuschey fines, which provides
its density, durability and gloss. Future residents LCD "Sunny"
Builders do not have to spend more after work, change the door
floors, radiators and windows line the walls, that will save them time and budget.

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