At the seminar, participants will become familiar with the methods of calculation based budgeting
on the implementation of the strategy - the strategic budget, consider the linkages between
Balanced Scorecard with the system of budgetary control procedures
integration of investment and financial plans with the strategy of the company,
consider in detail the strategic indicators of the financial perspective of strategic
card company's goals.

Target Audience: line managers and middle managers, professionals
financial department, accounting analyst. The main issues of the workshop:
The concept of financial structure, the budgeting process, the study of the principles of
development of the documentation governing the budgeting process. Concept
consolidated budget, the operating group and a group of financial budgets, levels of
consolidation. Workshop on budgeting. Program: Features
budgeting, as a form of financial planning. Importance of budgeting
to achieve performance targets. The concept of financial structure.
Types of financial institutions. Value concepts of "center of financial accounting"
"Center of financial responsibility" and "center budgeting." Types of centers
Financial Accounting: venture centers, profit centers, Costa centers. The value of diagnostic
of income and expenses of separate departments
to allocate responsibility centers and the construction of financial structure.
Budgeting as a process, especially the organization of the budgeting process.
Characteristics of the main methods of budgeting: "budgeting from scratch"
and incremental budgeting. The structure of the regulatory costs. Consolidation
consolidated budget, the allocation of levels to consolidate (the level of operating
budgets, the level of financial budgets, allocation of budget independent
units). Principles of design documentation regulating the budgetary process
(Regulations on financial structure, the position of budgeting, etc.) Group
operating budgets: the essence, formats, relationships. Budget Sales Budget
production, procurement and use of materials, production costs
on labor and production overhead costs, management costs, commercial
costs, production costs of goods sold. Group
financial budgets: the budget revenues and expenditures, cash flow
budget balance. Other types of budgets: the special, auxiliary, extra.
Workshop on budgeting. The cost of participation for one student in 1460
UAH. Registration of the participants by phone: 8 (044) 428-78-68, 428-88-93. More
Information: [\u0026level=buhg
], [mailto:].","\u0026nbsp; \u0026nbsp;

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