National Agency for Foreign Investment and Development ( " Ukrvneshinvest ")
developed for a government program to attract foreign in 2010
investments worth $ 12 billion for infrastructure projects.

"At the core of the program - implementation of 10 major investment projects
totaling $ 7 billion will be among the priority projects of agrarian "- said
Adviser to the Prime Minister on Foreign Investment Kaskiv
during the IX Lviv International Economic Forum. There will also be
selected 40 projects for implementation which must be an additional $ 5 billion
"It would be foreign direct investment. If the government guarantees and will be used
then only as a stimulating factor - these projects must be exclusively
profitable basis, "- said Mr. Kaskiv. Accept the decision of the Cabinet
on the mechanism of selection of strategic projects planned, he said, through
a few days. Selected projects will be presented at the National
Investment Forum in June 2010. Will be held in parallel road-show
in 42 world financial centers. Of them in North and South America, as well as
Europe accounts for 7 and 12 of these cities-centers, respectively. Half
meetings, which may be held for two months, we plan to organize
in 11 cities in Southeast Asia, 7 cities in the Middle East and Africa
and Australia. "Ukrvneshinvest" will perform Press support the program.
Planned lighting opportunities in Ukraine in such publications as the Financial
Times, The Economist, fDi Magazine, as well as direct advertising to the BBC, CNN,
Euronews. Part of the program is to create investment agency, which
at the regional level will be working with investors. Attract $ 12
billion in investment is possible, but it would require up to five years, said
EBRD Director in Ukraine Andre Andre. According to him, only restoration
transmission system requires a $ 2-3 billion and if we assume that infrastructure
project, it is likely that within five years will be able to invest in infrastructure
Projects $ 10-12 billion, but investors' decision will depend on the will
whether in 2010 the rise of the global economy. "There are signs that in the next
by the world, particularly Europe and Asia, it will be easier, but in Ukraine such signs
unavailable, "- said Mr. Andre. Restricts parish outside
capital and a large share of shadow economy (according to the Ministry of Economics - 31, 1%)
say the traders. "After the financial crisis, capital markets
restored, but the companies that remain in the informal sector, it will be difficult
attract resources. The market simply will not be able to estimate their fair value, "-
the head of the supervisory board of concern "Galnaftogaz" Vitaly Antonov.
"The best investment in the future of Ukraine - it is in industry-oriented
domestic demand. Whatever happens with the overall macroeconomic situation,
in industries such growth rates will be higher than in developed countries - believes
CEO of IDS Borjomi International Vladimir Ashurov .- Ukraine - one of the
major markets of Eastern Europe with a very low level of penetration in
consumer goods and skilled labor force. "

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