Rhetorical question for many , especially in times of crisis. After all, insurance
real estate, as well as " chattels " , forged primarily through bank
segment and , in fact, imposed from the borrowers.

Voluntarily buy policies for their apartments and houses literally 2-3% of customers
the rest - the offspring of the banks. But when you consider that housing costs money,
even now, and also repairs, the insurance, which costs, frankly
speaking, quite a bit, may be a good choice for owners who
fear for the fate of their homes. What generally makes such a policy? Say, for quite
human money (about 1% of sum insured per year) can provide protection
not only "boxes", but also repair, and even being in the apartment property
- Household appliances, furniture, expensive shower items (jewelry, antiques,
By the way, is unlikely to insure). The product, incidentally, is quite flexible. For example,
if you wish, you can insure only one room, if it is made fresh
repair or just a bathroom with a new Finnish plumbing. Insurance will not give up
company to conclude an agreement on insurance and wallpapers for the entire apartment or floor
coatings. In addition, of course, you can buy a policy and to protect themselves
walls from damage (for example, as a result of the collapse of the house) or the risk of fire,
flooding. Sum insured client establishes itself, but certainly it
can not be greater than the average market value of the property, so insurance
agent in any case, correct the inflated figure to a real client
level. By the way, almost all insurers offer insurance express
property when the policy is an expert without leaving the house, but only on
verbal statement of the insured. But here, usually appear limited amounts.
But here, we should not forget that when it's paid, the company is all
still send an appraiser to the examination of damages, so initially overestimated
cost to play against the insured. For full coverage is needed
be careful evaluation and description of the insurance company. By the way,
in the event of an incident can be denied reimbursement if the insured
violated safety rules: shorted wiring, do not turn off water or gas,
which ignited. In addition, it is important to remember that at the time of repair
you need to buy special insurance policy for construction risks.
Only if there is any insurance company agrees to indemnify,
was caused by negligence of builders. Well, for the payment
sometimes you can get a tour of an expert (at small losses: knocked out
glass or a broken door in the bath), and sometimes have to pomorochit head
when the loss is large, and collect information from the housing department, district or regional
Department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and Protection of Population from
consequences of the Chernobyl disaster, etc. Ideally, the policy value
nearly 500 hryvnia per year can cover the cost of property in the amount of 50 thousand
hryvnia, and by paying a thousand hryvnia, you can insure the "blood" and all that
it is 100 thousand hryvnia.

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