People do not have enough protein and vitamins , but in the menu - an excess of carbohydrates and

A new report shows the State Statistics Committee, in what areas what kind of food preferred
Ukrainian. "Today" analyzed the data and found that eating citizen of Lviv
as many as half the fish than a resident of Kirovohrad, and use in the Crimea
less potato than in Vinnitsa. Most meat and bread, the least
eat in the economically developed regions - is Kiev Donbass, Kharkiv.
Even fruits, berries and nuts, which though in the capital and do not grow, most
accrue to the people of Kiev, and in rural areas, where everything is grown, the main
food - milk, potatoes, vegetables and bread. "This is
with the welfare of the region. Even in regions where abundance, such as apples,
they almost do not eat there, except that sub-standard and the best selling in Kiev
to earn. The same goes for milk: more profitable processed into cheese,
butter, cheese, and sell the citizens - says economist Alexander Acorn ICPS.
- By contrast, the explanation that in depressed areas such as Chernihiv
consume a lot of sugar - of which drive the moonshine. " In the southern Kherson same, apart from
drinks, sugar is consumed in a jam. Renowned economist Victor
Lissitzky believed that, on the one hand, the amount of meat consumed says
the standard of living of the population. "In Kiev, the salary - the highest in Ukraine
so many Kiev residents can not afford meat "from the belly." In the Donbas
this is a must, because of miners' work and the work of metallurgists - a
of the most difficult, you need good nutrition, even if the quality of the meat
sometimes questionable, because often it is not our product, and imported.
But where, statistically, a lot of eating potatoes and bread - the case of power
APB, it's a vivid figure, which feed on such foods with low incomes.
Many people skimp on the stomach, to buy clothes, pay the "communal"
and educate their children, "- said the expert. INSTEAD BULBA and rolls
- GRECHKO Dietitian Medical Center, "Eustace," Boris Skachko claims
that the current diet of Ukraine is far from ideal. Even in those areas
where they eat mostly meat, it is still not enough. And 200 grams of meat
a day that eats or Kievan donchanin is only 40 grams of protein,
that is, half the daily requirement. The rest have to add fish, eggs,
cheese, cottage cheese, milk. But these products get less Ukrainians because
that they have no money to good nutrition. More or less well with vegetables,
but not all - the norm 11 or more pounds in a month holds only in Vinnitsa
and Sevastopol. But cheap potatoes and bread we eat more than the norm of 1, 5-1, 7
times. Potatoes - empty on vitamins, and starch and other carbohydrates contained
it can lead to diabetes. So you should replace bread
buckwheat, potatoes, rice, maize and millet. " Unbalanced diet
impairs the immune system, reduces efficiency and shortens the life of a man
a dozen years, said Dr. jump. [Http://

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