Oil production has risen Ukrainian in September, more than 176% . such
results set of trading results in the Ukrainian currency exchange.

A ton of black gold has reached 437 dollars - its peak from the beginning
year. At the same time, the price remains below the level of international markets. now
the difference is between 60 and 80 hryvnia per ton depending on the grade of oil.
Revaluation to a new level of price increase will result . Especially with the constant
raising excise taxes on Russian raw materials , despite its small
share in the cost of the finished product. The situation for UBR comment
Andrey Ponomarev , an expert finanasovogo market : "The price of oil will be the main
determining factor. And this excise tax would add little cost.
This excise tax as a percentage of the price of the present takes place - there is half a percentage point
holds . It will take a percentage . "

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