" Again the repair ? " Someone utters the phrase with genuine horror, and some
with enthusiasm. Someone can live for years , surrounded by the same things
colors , objects , not wanting to change anything. Yes, and just not feeling this
needs . And for someone and a year in the same situation,
endure difficult. So what do you do ?

Annually redecorating? Not all there is to it
material capabilities. But, nevertheless, there is a way out of any situation.
Need to follow the example of the theater, where one piece of scenery can be replaced
several times. So if you are inconvenienced by the monotony, the same should
to do to you. Do not believe repairs can be done only once, but so
that it will be enough, as a minimum age at 10 or even more. Main
at the same time to do everything thoroughly, and not pow-boo-boo, and really use
quality materials. If you choose to wallpaper, it is best to choose vinyl.
They not only serve you longer, but also have some undeniable advantages.
For example, it is not afraid of water, ie, in the case of contamination can be
just wash. And most importantly, they can be painted, but this will be discussed later.
So, you've done major repairs. Means it took a lot, and repeat
this year is simply unthinkable. And there's really no need.
What do you do, you ask. Just follow one of our tips
each of which will help you make your home decor is something new. And most importantly,
it does not require large expenditures of money as well as time. Do not like it?
Prikroem! Tired of the bare walls, even to them, and modern wallpaper
decorative plaster? No problem! The fact that you can not change, you can simply
cover. No, we urge you not to put in a closet or close
all this magnificence carpet. The first - is unwise. The second - practically
used in modern interiors. Although, of course, if you have a great
handmade carpet, illustrating the historical scene or being beautiful
reproductions of famous paintings in the carpet incarnation, this version also
possible. But we are talking about a simple and affordable means. You can
hang on a wall painting in a massive frame work of a professional or
just a very talented photographer. There is no such possibility? Then simply
glossy pictures hang in a frame, for example, from the same wall calendar.
The main thing is that they perfectly fit into the general idea. Well, the easiest
option is to hang your family photos in beautiful frames. They can
be color or black and white. The latter, incidentally, looks more
solid and modern. If you do not want to mess up the wall, there prosverlivaya
a lot of holes for fastening, nail bar with mounts for most
ceiling. And from there on the ropes, picking up the pitch or just at random
order, put your photo masterpieces. Tired? Paint! Paint and brush
in skilled and not so hands can do miracles, transforming your
interior beyond recognition. The most global thing you can do - is
paint the walls. For example, if you have them already painted or vinyl on them
wallpaper, simple movements you can change the brush with the general background of the blue
to lime or lilac. In general as you like. But such dramatic
Change is not necessarily. Believe me, even changing the color of the window only
frames with the familiar white to purple, you are already transforming the room. But in order to
the window was not awkward spot, you need to maintain this color other details.
For example, cushion upholstered furniture, applique on the walls and cabinet
furniture covers for flower pots. The most daring can go out to
repaint itself and furniture. Of course, to decide on such a difficult and elite
Furniture must not touch. But if you are the owner of the furniture from wood stoves,
then brush in your hands. Believe me, the result will surpass your expectations. Importantly,
remember one rule - changing the color should be carried out en masse, ie, it must
replaced throughout the room, not just on the furniture or window. Do not want to paint?
Glue! Of course, repaint the furniture, walls or windows may not all
mind. But if the soul needs to change, then there is less global way.
Clay and other available materials. For example, if you have a wallpaper somewhere worn
or torn, it does not mean you have to glue everything at once.
Can be done much easier. Stick to the damaged area to the other pieces
wallpaper, that will fit into the overall style and make a jet of fresh air in your
interior. To re-glued elements are not looked alien, let on
border braid or wallpaper border. In the kitchen, you can periodically update
furniture and walls of different materials. For example, glue front kitchen
furniture with a special film, changing its color. Children's room - a room
and for your children's imagination. Kids love to paint on the walls? Do not scold
them. Just let me go on the bottom half of the walls of an ordinary drawing paper and let children
into the hands of brushes, paints and markers. The room will be transformed, and so your joy
Children will not be boundaries. You can also decorate the walls and appliquГ© pictures
favorite fairy tale characters. Details can transform everything. Think of little things
the interior does not depend on? We hasten to reassure you. Sometimes well-matched
details give the impression of a full upgrade of the interior. Do not believe me? Try
themselves. Change the lampshades on the chandelier, get plenty of flowers in pots, arrange
original figures, hang curtains or decorative partitions, which
will divide the room into functional zones. And finally get an aquarium
or terrarium. So it's guaranteed to distract guests from other things,
Yes and you will stop the first time to pay attention to boring interior,
focusing all their attention to new pets. Textile works wonders. The simplest,
what you can do is replace the linens in the room. As the nature of winter
replaced by a green dress on white, and you can transform your home. For example,
summer to hang wooden window blinds or curtains of light materials, supporting
These changes and other little things in the room, furniture upholstery or capes, towels,
Covers for flower pots and chairs, tablecloths and other little things. In winter, again
all change, but more warm colors and heavy materials. Curtains can be made
Dual Layer. You would not believe, how to change the room when it suddenly
changing the entire textile. It comes to life, rejoicing in his transformation.
Yes, and you then change the situation feel more cheerful. Today it is done
much easier than 20 years ago. At least at that time to change the trim
the furniture needed by professionals. But today, with furniture stapler in hand,
you are your own boss. Change the trim completely or just make a color
insertion. Frames can be put only your imagination. Idly something globally
change? Then, moving! If all of the above could not be implemented
by any cause or just lazy, there is a proven way to last,
does not require any material expenditure. Permutation. It's amazing how
sometimes changing room, if you just swapped things. Wall of
windows re-install the other end of the room, reshuffled upholstered furniture, and
simply removed something you have long been fed up and namozolilo eyes. It was immediately
and freer, and somehow more spacious, and the room got completely different
appearance. You can combine the permutation in the room with the addition of new parts.
The result would also be terrific. In short, do not despair if you do not have
money and time to repair. Look around. Sometimes, the results of the above
interior with materials at hand and give your imagination more
striking and unexpected results, rather than cosmetic repairs using
expensive construction materials. Just believe in yourself and your strength and take
for the cause.

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