In 2010 the capital will not sell tickets for a quarter , half
and year , as it is unprofitable to transport companies.

As the initiator of the wide range of travel, the Chief State
pricing of the capital city state administration Vasyl Yastrubinsky at
implementation of the system the experience of several European countries, but no one could
predict that it comes almost to insanity. "None
city ​​of Ukraine there is no diversity of travel tickets and
There is no single legal instrument, which would be the capital City State Administration
promised their release. Now I have to give up their ideas and make
proposal to abolish the complex travel, because they are economically
unfavorable. If you abolish all kinds of tickets, except for one month,
alone "Kievpasstrans" can regain over the next year
115 million hryvnia "- said Yastrubinsky. At the same time, Kiev
acquired will travel to enjoy them until the end of the year, according to the "Facts".
Recall from January 31 in Kiev subway fares are new
for passengers: the cost of one trip is now 1, 7 hryvnia.
At the same time, travel became more expensive. Read more here.
January 22 Kyivrada not lowered fares in Kiev. According to the Secretary
Kyivrada Oles Dovgy, tariff policy will be considered along with
Kiev budget for 2009, tentatively on February 12. During the extended
Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine the meeting with the participation of Kyiv Mayor Leonid
Chernovetsky was decided to reduce fares in the capital
Metro at 30 cents, in land transport - by 50 cents. Recall
Friday, January 23, the fare at the Kiev city municipality
transport will be lowered. This was announced by the mayor of Kiev Leonid Chernovetsky
Speaking at a meeting of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine on Monday, 12
January. Leonid said that on January 22 a decision
will be accepted at the session of Kyiv City Council. "I am totally in control in Kyiv City Council,
We have a majority, so this decision is made, "- he said.
It should be noted that since November 4, in the capital "underground" increased
fares. Were introduced to block travel: on the subway - 199 UAH.
One form of land transport - 150 UAH. on two types of transport, one
of any underground - 325 UAH. two terrestrial mode of transport - 275 UAH. on
three ground mode of transport - 350 UAH. four types of transport (including
subway) - 499 hryvnia. Travel for a year: on the subway - 365 UAH. One
form of land transport - 275 UAH. on two types of transport, one of which
Metro - 575 UAH. two terrestrial mode of transport - 495 UAH. on three ground
mode of transport - 660 UAH. four types of transport (including metro)
- 799 hryvnia.

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