World prices for polished diamonds in May 2009, again began to rise after a fall,
ongoing since the summer of 2008, the "bottom" had in April.

Diamonds as a tool for investing. This was confirmed by the dynamics of
the IDEX Online Polished Diamond Price Index (108.70 points at the beginning of June,
+0.3%). Prices for polished diamonds in the past year have decreased by 30-40% and diamond
raw materials at all at 70%. Experts wonder - this is speculative
trend or supported by a fundamentally broken? And most think
that the worst is over and this is the beginning of growth, which, however, will be slow.
According to statistical data on trade in diamonds in 1Q2009, its volume in the U.S.
decreased by 2, and 6%, Japan 15%, Germany 4% in the UK
2%, while China and India have achieved growth of 30% and 5% respectively.
True, the share of China and India in the market are 3 and 4% (the U.S. share - 44%)
can not guarantee a reversal of the market. The fall in sales of diamonds
U.S. remains, but it slowed down (according to Sterling Jewelers -
the largest jewelry retailer in the U.S. - in 1Q -2, 6% versus -16, 1%
in 4Q2008, says the bulletin, "wealthy investors". By
Experts estimate it is expected that the price of the diamond market will improve to a level
where they will be 30% below pre-crisis indicators. Much depends
on its ability to make diamonds a real commodity. For several
years, work is underway to unify trading. One problem - it
difficulty in standardization. One Carat stones vary in a range
number of parameters (purity, color and cut) and have different prices.
Also, De Beers company, in May launched a global PR-campaign to
convince investors that diamonds are a good alternative to gold
as an investment. Constraint is the lack of transparency
market of buying and selling of diamonds. Investing in diamonds experts
are advised to preserve capital. In addition, the diamonds are very convenient
in terms of "compactness". But investing in physical stones away
not necessarily. You can carry out diamond investment through investment
Fund. Work is underway to create a diamond, and mutual funds in Russia.
Also in Russia, you may receive a secondary market of precious stones - are prepared
changes in federal law on precious metals and stones. Planned
that state control would apply only to production and sales of the primary market. Precious
stones will be allowed to sell each other private individuals. Adoption
amendments are expected before May 2010. Guided by the price of diamonds
recommended by the agency Weekly Rapaport. Dynamics and market
trends in market conditions can be monitored by The IDEX Online Diamond
Price Index. Note that for the price is set to color. Colored diamonds
have a different value. The most "affordable" are black (the price of 4
thousand dollars per carat). In the lower price range as gray, brown,
yellow and orange stones. From 350 to 800 thousand per carat can reach
the price of purple and green diamonds. The most expensive are the same blue
and red. By the way, the most expensive diamond in the world bought the Chinese. Hong Kong
Billionaire investor Joseph and Lao May 12 at Sotheby's in Geneva, has acquired
for 9, $ 49 million produced in 2008 in South Africa, blue diamond, weighing 7, 03
carats, which he called "Star of Josephine." This is a record price for the blue
diamonds and 1 carat record price for any stone on auction
auction (1, 35 million U.S. dollars).

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