Incomes of Ukrainians are reduced. According to Goskomstat , the average wage
board in August compared with the previous month declined from 2175 to
2156 UAH / month . Experts predict that revenues will decrease Ukrainians
and more.

Rating and Reality Observed in August, reduction of the nominal
wages was the first time since the beginning of the year. As for the real
wages, then it is reduced chronically, and hopes for improvement
no. In January-August, real wages fell by 10 3%
compared to the same period in 2008. In January-July this indicator
amounted to 10, 1% in January-April - 10, 8%. During the first eight months of this
, the most real wages, "dipped" in Zaporozhye (14%), Donetsk
(13, 7%) and Dnipropetrovsk (13, 7%) regions. The least deterioration of the economic
situation felt by residents of Chernivtsi and Transcarpathian regions - here
real wages fell by 3, 4 and 3% and 9% respectively. However, given
wages in these regions, the inhabitants of these areas is hardly
lucky. Socio-economic degradation According to Goskomstat,
then the main indicators of socio-economic development of Ukraine is fit
called "indicators of socio-economic degradation." In this August
Real wages fell by 4, 2% compared with July and at 11, 3%
compared with August of last year. In this case arrears
salary for the year increased by 133% to $ 1, 62 billion UAH. Experts
warn that if the bill on raising social standards will
adopted by the Verkhovna Rada, it could lead to further delays payments
salaries. The corresponding rates are reduced and income. According to statistics,
real disposable income of Ukrainians during the second quarter of 2009 decreased
8, 3% over the same period last year. Life becomes
increasingly difficult, especially given that consumer prices rose for the year
15, 3%, and this is not the limit. Not lagging behind, and unemployment. During the year the number of registered
unemployed has increased by 11, 8% and 1 September 2009 was 569, 6 thousand
people. Forecast for December: the gap of two years will continue Recall that
the consensus forecast made by leading domestic economists in the spring
this year, was disappointing: according to economists, falling real
disposable income per year is 14, 8%. Economist of the investment
Astrum Investment Management Company Alexey Blinov predicts that
In 2009 the average annual decline in real wages will be
10%. "In terms of nominal figures (ie excluding inflation), average
wages show a modest increase relative to 2008
- At 5% level. By the end of the year, average nominal wages exceed
mark in 2000 UAH. compared to August 1919 UAH / month "- said
Expert Internet newspaper "NOW". "In October, the nominal salary in Ukraine
continue at the September level, in November she will drop the traditional,
and by December the nominal wage will rise by a few payments in
end of the year '- agrees director of economic programs the Center for Economic
and Political Studies. Razumkov Basil Yurchishin. However, according to his
said that the December charges this year will be much lower than in
2008 and, especially, in 2007. In general, the dynamics of change of nominal wages
in 2009, completely in line with its change in 2008, which is clearly
the diagram shows. However, rising inflation, "eats" the full-length "nominalki"
and more. "Real wage in Ukraine is now at
2007 levels - in fact we dropped two years ago, "- noted
Yurchishin Internet newspaper "NOW", adding that even on optimistic forecasts
This gap of two years and continue to the end of 2009.

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