Metropolitan Municipality wants to get 50% of funds transferred by entrepreneurs
for advertising on municipal vehicles in Kiev. appropriate
draft order KSCA Leonid Chernovetsky intends to sign this
month. Carriers argue that the government's decision will only lead to increased losses
which will cover the city budget .

According to the "DS" in the past year, the city transportation utilities
total earned by placing ads on 18-20 million USD., about 90% of which
passenger carriers were: Kiev Metro and "Kyivpastrans"
and about 10% - "Kievavtodor" and other IP. According to the Head
non-core income KP "Kiev underground" by Sergey Soldatenko, on the basis of
2008 revenues from advertising amounted to about 10 million USD. And eight
months of this year - more than 6, 5 million UAH. "But when in October last
the city has raised rates, revenues remained almost unchanged,
as the levels of advertising have declined significantly. Expensive service branding
stations and trains in general has become unclaimed, and working with Metro
agencies have begun to delay payments, which have never before seen "
- He says. In KP "Kyivpastrans" also claim that the amount of advertising
in buses, buses, trams and shuttles have been reduced by 60%. So
This year they expect to get from this activity about 7 million
UAH., to that of the previous year. Officially, representatives of
Both companies declined to comment on the decision of the authorities. But in the personal
conversations have complained that the money allowed them to somehow make ends
with the ends, directing them to repair the rolling stock and the payment of wages
board. "Last year, the subway was a loss of 218 million
UAH. but "Kyivpastrans" - more than 150 million UAH. arising from differences between
defined and economically justified tariffs. But then they covered
city. The budget in Kiev in 2009, these compensation is not provided. If
We pick up some revenue from advertising, this will only increase
losses, which ultimately will have to cover the city budget "
- Said the "DS" in one of the companies on condition of anonymity. Confirms
this chapter and Transportation Commission Kyivrada Dmitry Oliynyk, according to which
redirection of existing funding streams from advertising on public transport
only worsen the already deplorable state of public utilities.
"Given the predilection of the city government to purchase video surveillance systems,
satellite tracking and parking machines, it is easy to guess what will be spent
the money "- he said. Not happy with the decision of the authorities and working
entrepreneurs in this field. Because the document, they said, suggests
that the contracts for advertising, as well as harmonization of each individual
Order will need to endorse in the General Directorate of Transport KSCA.
"In the beginning, the City Council has already destroyed the system of direct interaction between advertising
Agencies with structural units of the CP "Kyivpastrans" - bus,
trams and trolleybuses, authorizing the work on the harmonization of orders
One of the divisions of the company. It was a blow to the speed run
orders, because of what some agencies have lost customers. If agreement
will receive at the State Hall, this further complicates the procedure ", - noted
Director of the RA "Eridanus" Sergey Khomenko.

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