Four U.S. buildings included in the list of the ugliest buildings in the world ,
presented in the October issue of Travel + Leisure. In total,
the list includes 13 buildings from different countries, and representation from the U.S. was
the most popular .

The special attention of experts Travel + Leisure was awarded to a building in Portland,
Oregon, in the Town Office for Water . this colorful
post-modern building with small windows - " one of the most hated
in America " - not only included in the list , but described in an annotation to it
as an example of the architectural monstrosities . In addition, the list included
Harold Washington Library in Chicago , " named after the beloved people
former mayor, who deserves better , " central office Longaberger
in Newark, Ohio , built like a giant wooden baskets - the main
Product Corporation , and the original complex of concert hall and a museum of science
Fiction in Seattle. Besides the U.S. , the list of the ugliest buildings
are South Korea , Great Britain ( twice ), Peru, China, Netherlands,
Taiwan, France and Belarus ( the National Library in Minsk).

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