In recent years become a very popular plastic windows and doors. but
in this case seem to have forgotten about the wooden windows and doors. It should be noted
that the installation of wooden doors and windows provides additional interior beauty
wooden house. The elegance of the lines of natural wood is sometimes no substitute for
no artificial building material.

Interior door passage consists of a fixed box and one or
two movable wings, called the door leaf. Depending on the
number of paintings doors can be single or dvuhpolnymi. The door has
two pictures of unequal width are called polutorapolnoy. In some cases,
doors, arranged in the outer walls to enter the balcony, use
lighting facilities. They have structural features characteristic of
and windows and doors. For lighting and ventilation in exterior walls
wooden houses make a pvc windows and wood windows. Window openings
fill the boxes with embedded in them glazed elements. This
have window frames. Currently used mainly combined
and separate binders. For cottages, usually used separate
or single covers. In suburban construction is most often used standard
windows that get in the shops of building materials and Timber
bases. But in some cases there are windows of special design - lifting
and sliding. They are made in a binder, and in two. In lifting the windows opens
simultaneously or lower part or upper. This is done by counterweights
and sash fastened in the upright position valves. Sliding window
- A three-element, with an average sliding sash. Design boxes
shall be opened and the lateral parts of the window normal, they shall be opened inside.
Average sliding part is on its perimeter, picking, which is
in the corresponding inverse vertical bars picking the side wings,
as well as picking the bar transoms. Lower the bar to secure the screws. Closed
state sliding door on its perimeter, is sandwiched in the quarters. Internal
leaf paste over a strip of paper on a convex surface of cloth binding.
The semi-circular groove in the corner of the room blowing quarter decrease in bad
weather. For advancing in the direction of the leaf and roll back into the draw for
of flat steel rails. Position of the sash it is fixed
at the bottom of the curved guide bracket is integral with
frame clip. The guide bracket is moving through the gap between the rail
and bottom bars of the box. In setting the sliding doors against his
opening brackets occupy the position corresponding jacks, slotted
in the box. This allows you to press the shutter. At the top of its support
roller, rolling around on the bars (20X15 mm), fastened to four brackets
a box of wooden windows and transoms vertical bars. For a complete pressing
sash serves as a device similar to a bolt. His strengthen the vertical
sliding sash sticks on both sides. By turning the knob on the
a core unit also rotates and knobs on the end of release
sash. In the reverse movement of the handle levers to rest against the top guide
bar at the bottom - a special focus. To adjust the clamp on the lever
make a screw thread. Side doors are locked wooden boxes concealed
gates. But the construction of boxes as in the lifting and sliding in the wood
windows are quite difficult. If you do lifting windows with double panes,
their structure becomes more complicated. Quality of work when installing windows
and doors is primarily dependent on the quality of joinery. Window
and door frames should be made of high-quality wood, moisture
which does not exceed 12% for window frames and door panels, and 18%
-Boxes for windows and balcony doors, and drip boards. Facial surface
joinery, designed for finishing with oil paint or varnish
as well as hand, mating with each other, should be purely prostrogat. Knots
and other defects buried wood plugs with glue. The direction
wood fibers and wood products terminations should be the same. Locations
compounds and prirezki devices should not be a knot and terminations. By joiner
precast products are making a signed JTC factory
passport, which indicate the percentage of moisture content of wood, its grade. Crook
and bias frames, door panels in either direction of products, the gaps in the wings
arches and window frames and doors exterior doors should not be
exceed 2 mm. Keep finished carpentry best assembled
as indoors. Boxes filled with must be installed on
temporary wooden decking and tar paper to cover if necessary. When mounting
Window and door frames and components installed on plumb and level of compliance with
angles of cloth and binding. Surface of the window frames, adjacent
to the structure of a wooden house, antiseptic and protect the waterproofing.
In stone buildings, windows and door frames fixed with screws or steel
ershami so that the distance between them in the middle of the box should not exceed
1, 5 m and each vertical bar box was enshrined in at least two
places. Ruffs in antiseptized clog traffic jams on the dry wood laid
in the clutch. The gaps between the window and door frames and exterior walls of
the perimeter .... well prokonopachivayut

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