The number of troubled loans from certain financial institutions is
half of their portfolios. In the absence of external inflows to them
have to realize collateral . How do I find "BB" , the former in
Used cars and apartments are not in demand because of excessive
high prices, but banks still need to sell on the market rules.

Stelmach put on "rose-colored glasses," According to the head of NBU Volodymyr Stelmakh,
proportion of bad loans in the Ukrainian banking system is only
only 6, and 8% (51, 4 billion hryvnia) of the total weight of loans (755, 4 billion hryvnia)
and all of them are covered by reserves. In fact, the situation is somewhat
otherwise. Financial Analyst Portal Uabanker Luponosov Alex said "BB"
that, to date, the problem can be safely attributed 70% of the mortgage,
50% consumer, 45% of project (under construction) and 35% of trade
(Under the product in the back) loans of all banks in the country. "The fact that Mr
Stelmach naively builds its statistics based on reports that he
send commercial financial institution, and they consider only the problem
loans that have been bankrupt by now the company ",
- Said Alexey Luponosov. However, the theory of banking credit to receive
definition of "problem" if the payment was missed at least a month. President
Association of Ukrainian Banks Oleksandr Sugonyako predicts that the volume
NPLs in the Ukraine in September-December 2009, could double
reaching 70-90 billion hryvnia. In the opinion of an expert jointly and Washington
rating agency В«FitchВ», which reported that due to the devaluation of the hryvnia
and the high proportion of foreign currency loans, non-performing real customers
Loans up to 15-21% in the portfolios of banks with foreign capital. The most
Interestingly, even the alleged Stelmakh 6, 8% of "dead" debts, commercial
finstruktury cover their own funds can not, because
conditions, the virtual absence of new deposit contracts, money is simply
no. In order to maintain their image, banks play a key regulator in
"Salochki": take one day at a large amount of the NBU, the next day return
her, and then write reports that they have "covered all the reserves." 1 soldo
+ 1 = 5 soldo soldo? For the most liquid bank assets, of course,
collateral is real estate. Non-payment mortgages, with one
hand, of course, frustrating, on the other - not so much as the problem
loans to purchase cars. According to the director of "Building
engineering company "NovoBud" Dmitry Tolstoy, to date, the financial institution
thrown into the primary housing market of about 10% of apartments. However, their implementation
things are bad. The fact that the price offered by banks square
meter, or equal to the market, or - much higher (20-50%). In other
words, the financial institution asking for an apartment, for example, 280 thousand dollars,
whereas a similar accommodation in the same area (see table) can be purchased for
170 thousand dollars. Experts point out that such high prices - far
do not show the desire of banks to improve their financial condition.
Quite the contrary - the banks hands and feet bound contracts with customers,
even if the latter have ceased to fulfill their conditions. Simply put, the financial institution
can not sell an apartment cheaper price specified in the loan agreement.
Otherwise, the client may sue. Thus, if the apartment
was bought on credit, for example, two years ago, regardless of the sharp
fall in market prices that occurred this year, the bank is forced to sell
its price two years ago. And of course, that such a proposal
today remains in demand. However, bankers are not yet highly experienced in
about it. After all, housing belongs to the category of liquid assets. Another
a global problem - movable collateral. No matter how hard
bankers to persuade and encourage customers to continue to repay the loan
people are becoming more and more money instead of returning poezzhennye car. Such
assets from the banks have accumulated so many that fit every open network
their own showrooms. The situation is compounded again by the fact that selling
cars on real market prices of financial institution also can not be based on
contracts. It turns out that the sale of exhibited products
you know you have no chance to find a buyer. Again, the lost
According to billions of head of financial institutions ratings
Credit Rating Agency Andrew Konoplyasty sell bank bail today
day is unlikely. The first reason was announced earlier. And secondly, people
There is simply no money, and will not revive until the credit system.
According to experts, some financial institutions have even gone on that car,
prices are at least roughly correspond to the market, sold
by its own employees on credit at preferential interest rates. However, this measure does
not properly removed the common voltage. Preddefoltnuyu situation of many banks
could save the rational use of funds allocated by the National Bank
refinancing. However, as already repeatedly wrote "BB", about 100
billion hryvnia were simply stolen. As a result, according to the NBU, in
Today in liquidation abide Bank "Renaissance", "Gradobank"
"Kiev Universal Bank", "European", "national standard", "Р„vropeysky
Bank rozvitku that zaoschadzhen "(Simferopol)," Odessa-Bank "(Odessa), the bank
"Black Sea" (Dnepropetrovsk), "Lisbank" (Uzhgorod), "Prince's" (Rivne).
In turn, the interference situation in the Cabinet prevented
elimination of a number of financial institutions. In the near future the government
intends to allocate funds in the amount of 1, 5 billion USD. on the capitalization of the bank
"Kiev" and another 1 billion - "Rodovid bank."

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