In Kiev, the Council of Europe started a forum "For the future of democracy." politicians discuss
advantages and disadvantages of European electoral systems. Ukraine advise
the best of European experience.

In Europe, people increasingly distrust of democracy. Consequently,
number of those who come to the polls, continually decreases. "This is -
of frustration ", - said, speaking on the Kiev forum, Secretary General
Council of Europe Thorbjorn Jagland. "The expectations from the democratic reforms were
too ambitious, and people - too impatient "- has expressed his opinion
Jagland and added: "But the political reforms do not bring immediate changes
and improve the lives of at once. " At the same time Vice-President of the Parliamentary Assembly
Council of Europe, Goran Lindblad, pointed to the chaotic political life in
Ukraine. He expressed hope that after two years the political processes in Ukraine
become more predictable. Ukrainian authorities have advised the European policy
pay more attention to reforming the judicial system to the European
Court of Human Rights of Ukrainians received fewer complaints about their country.
With respect to the location of the current European Forum - Kiev, then
Council of Europe representatives were assured that the internal electoral processes
in Ukraine, it has nothing to do. After all, a country that spends
Forum has defined two years prior to the conference, UNIAN reports.

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