"The cost of the dollar, eventually down to zero , but not right now .
Looking at the Obama administration , it seems that the dollar has to be
there. I think it will take about 10 years for people to realize that in the U.S.
complete disaster with the budget " , - said prospects for the dollar Faber
in an interview with Bloomberg.

At the end of the fiscal year that ended Sept. 30, the budget deficit
United States reached a record 1, 4 trillion (9, 9% of GDP), surpassing the previous record
nearly tripled. But in the short term, "green" still gets older,
considers an investor. But this rally will not last long, because to cover debt
States will be forced to print more money. Currently, the dollar
actually slightly corrected upwards. The European currency has put the height of the
a half dollar, and by midday on Tuesday the euro was given 1, 4875 the dollar.
The fate of the U.S. currency in recent years seriously concerned experts.
The collapse of the dollar has predicted, in particular, an economics professor at Harvard
Niall Ferguson of the University. Not up to scratch of course, "only" 20% in the next
2-5 years. According to experts, a weak dollar - the "most simple majority decision
American problems at the moment. "There is more optimistic for the dollar
point of view. The well-known financier George Soros believes that the collapse
the dollar is impossible while the rate is tied to its Chinese yuan. However, all
it - just prospects. Meanwhile, the dollar is pretty weak, and the question arises
where to invest? Marc Faber advises to invest in foreign
currencies, commodities and securities. In his view, stock indexes
support ... Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke. "As soon as the S \u0026 P falls to 900 or 800
(Points), he will again be printing money, "said Faber. It is curious that
expert forecasts on the stock market are changing before our eyes.
Just a month ago he said that world markets are likely to have already reached
their annual peak, and now they can expect a fall, which by year's end
may reach 20%. "I would not be surprised if it turns out that we have already passed
peak of the market this year, as economic news is unlikely to improve
so much "- Marc Faber said in late September in an interview with Bloomberg
Television at CLSA conference in Hong Kong. So, it is likely, and the dollar
predictions of the investor and may change

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