SSC for almost a year felt like in 2008 the working medium and small
business . The results surprised the experts . Recorded growth of goods
and services - in 2, 5 times.

Most of all - real estate , construction, commerce and even in the industry.
Number of employees only in the segment of small businesses grew by almost
6 , 5 million people. 2009 m , given the crisis , the indicators are worse.
Only to adapt to new conditions , we can expect to recover
positive dynamics in the small and medium-sized enterprises . commented
for UBR Vovchuk Natalia , Head of ACCA in Ukraine: " It is believed
that small and medium business , more prone to innovation and flexible innovation
and entered into force on its size and flexibility of decision-making say . here
not so much bureaucracy that no such large amounts and that the sector is
innovations and their implementation in the shortest possible time . "

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