The European Union is not obliged to provide Ukraine a loan to pay for supplies
Russian natural gas this winter. This was announced on Wednesday the Minister of Enterprise
and Energy, Maud Olofsson of Sweden , according to Reuters.

Head of Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has repeatedly called on the EU
Kiev give money to help with payment of the Russian "blue fuel" .
"It's not our problem ", - told Reuters Television Olofsson in Washington.
"The task of the European Union - to ensure the supply of energy to Europe "
- She said. At the same time, Olofsson , whose country presides now
EU urged to pay attention to warnings from Putin that
Russia may cut off gas supplies to Ukraine if the latter can not
pay for them. "But on the other hand , is a subject of discussions between Ukraine
and Russia, " - she said. Most of its needs for natural
Europe meets the gas at the expense of Russian fuel , which transit
through Ukrainian territory. Moscow has stopped
winter fuel supply to European consumers via Ukraine
because of disagreements about the price of gas and its payment .

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