According to the results of another calculation of the efficiency of anti-crisis Russia Index
for the first time in recent months was better , and Kazakhstan, and Ukraine , according to
in the press release FBK . Recent data from national statistics
Services enabled auditing and consulting company FBK calculate the values ​​of
Index for August 2009 .

If the last place in the rating of Ukraine has become a tradition, the movement
Russian to the line up was a pleasant surprise, reports Infobud. According to
Director of Strategic Analysis FBK Igor Nikolaev, such
"Castling" was the result of several factors: "In Kazakhstan, the stronger the negative
dynamics of retail trade turnover. This index in August 2009
amounted to minus 17, and 8% over the same period last year (in
July 2009 was minus 17, 2%). Russia can not boast of a positive
dynamics. Still, her figure - minus 9, 8% (in July minus 8, 3%) -
significantly better than Kazakhstan. "Nikolaev also noted that the CIS countries
characterized by a relatively high share of trade in GDP (around 18%). "It is
Kazakhstan thus "not helped" even a small increase in industrial production:
In August he was 2, and 3% compared to last year (in Russia - minus
12, 3%), "- said the expert. UK: 0 305 Canada 0, 252 U.S.
0, 143 Germany: 0, 134 France: 0, 099 Russia: -0, 214 Kazakhstan: -0, 338 Canada:
-0, 380 Interesting changes have occurred in the group of developed countries. France and
Canada reversed: now Canada in second place in the rankings, France
- At the fifth, transfers Infobud. "The deterioration of France's position is, first
all with relatively unfavorable dynamics of its gold reserves.
If in Canada, this indicator was 26% higher than 2008, then in
French - only 4, and 8%. In addition, in France in August marked
the largest among the countries considered growth in producer prices - for 4, 3%.
In Canada, by contrast, industrial producer prices continued
drop: 6, and 7% compared to August 2008 ", - said Nikolai. However,
According to him, the crisis in the growth of producer prices has a certain
positive. "However, the methodology for calculating the efficiency index crisis
still comes from the fact that the accelerated rise in prices - it is bad "- summed up the

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