The past week has been generous to the records. Since November 12, Ukrainian index
Exchange ( BE) for the first time in its history crossed the mark of 1,600 points , and a day
earlier on the same exchange was recorded maximum trading volume
- 59 , 7 mln.

UX index for the period from 9 to 13 November rose by 3, and 4%, and the indicator that is calculated
PFTS stock exchange, increased by 2 8%. The first three days last week were very
successful for the domestic stock market index rose UB during this time
6, and 7%, PFTS - grew by 4, and 5%. birzhaOsnovnym growth driver Ukrainian
indices are traditionally made positive news background of world capital markets.
Even the failure of the IMF Mission on the issue of Ukraine before the end of the fourth tranche
presidential elections failed to stop the "bull" attitude of local merchants.
The optimism of foreign investors supported by the results of the G-20, on
which the leaders expressed their willingness to maintain measures to stimulate
economies. On Wednesday, the markets are rising on optimism caused by the news from Asia:
Industrial output in China in October rose to 16, 1%, while orders for products
engineering in Japan in September added 10, 5%. "Statistics of China and
Japan surpassed the forecast, and once again an occasion to intensify
Number of first in global sites, and then we have "- says
and. Fr. Head of Consulting company "Altana Capital" Andrei Tarasenko.
On Thursday and Friday, domestic traders began to sell the paper, fixing
profit (indices fall in two days was more than 3%). "Thursday was the
first day of technical correction signal, which continued into Friday,
deteriorate, Ukraine's sovereign ratings agency Fitch В», - says
Head of analytical department of the investment company "TASK" Andrew Shevchishin.
Beginners trading floor on Thursday in the shares of 25 companies traded on the
market applications UB, joined by three papers: KrAZ "Mostobud" and Khartsyzsk
Pipe Plant. Traders note that expanding the list of traded securities
- A positive step exchanges, because it increases trading volume and overall
liquidity grounds. Only the first two days of trading volume on the three papers
amounted to 2, 6 mln., the number of transactions - 278 pcs. "Such a" cordial meeting "
new issuers could be the start of a new trend on the UX. In the near future
we can see the interest in such securities as "UkrAvto", "Azovzagalmash"
Myronivsky plant cereals and animal feed, and others ", - says head of research
of AMC "Bonum Group" Alexander Dmitriev. It is worth noting that the best
results last week showed second-tier stocks -
"DonbasEnergo" (12, 9), Krukovka Carriages (8, 7%), Stakhanov
Carriage Works (7, 5%), "Mariupoltyazhmasha" (5, 6%) and LuAZ (4, 2%).
Forecasts - in different directions from market participants there is no consensus in what
side will move the index in the week. On the one hand, the global
area is strong enough now affects the value of the dollar: when it is weakened,
markets grow. According to analysts, the greenback may continue
his fall, which will give opportunity to stock markets go up. On the other
hand, the rapid growth of Ukrainian indexes can not continue indefinitely.
"In the last two weeks UX index rose by almost 13% correction
under these conditions would be very logical ", - says Andrey Tarasenko. Recommendations
Expert: Stakhanov Wagon Works Alexander Makarov analytical
department investment company Phoenix Capital We reiterate our Buy
shares Stakhanov Railcar Plant. Representatives of the plant reported
plans to produce 2000 cars in 2009. Such number of wagons will be
release due to the fact that in the IV quarter of factory production to restore stability
cycle and produces at least 500 cars per month. The company passes on three shifts
mode and actively recruit. According to the press service of the plant,
These indicators have been achieved thanks to the restoration of cooperation with the strategic
customers, as well as signing new contracts with Russian and Kazakh
customers and a significant revival of the market at the end of the year. Stakhanov
plant was commissioned, which will increase monthly production
November-December, 13-16 times compared with the first half of 2009.
Thus, the net income in the IV quarter we estimate a $ 55 million, which exceeds
Our preliminary estimates by 60% at 3 and 8 times the net income for the first half
2009. Khartsyzsk Tubes Dmitry Churin analyst of investment
Sincome Capital Group According to our calculations, the fair price Khartsyzsk
Pipe plant is $ 0, 25 (2, 03 grn.) per share, which implies
39% upside potential from current price of $ 0, 18 (1, 46 hrn.). Recommendation - buy it.
Currently Khartsyzsk Tubes completes the supply of goods
for the gas pipeline Central Asia - China, this order will allow the plant to increase
Number of tubes in a 7-fold, to 483 thousand tons in January-October 2009 to
over the same period of 2008. Thus, we expect that
company will show strong both production and financial results
for the year. Moreover, since Khartsyzsk Tubes for three consecutive years
paid significant dividends, which amounted to almost 100% of annual
net income, we assume that the company would continue to
and allocate the profit for the year 2009 in the form of dividends. In this scenario,
potential dividend income may be $ 0, 033 per share, which represents
18% of their current value. Positive signals for increasing the cost of
shares Khartsyzsk pipe plant could become public contracts in the
announced in March this year, modernize the Ukrainian gas transportation system
as well as increase the supply of products of the plant in Latin America
and the Middle East.

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