Very often during the pre-holiday bustle , we pay little time to decorate
interior. But we must not forget that these decorative elements : pine branch
in a vase , candles on the fireplace , a wreath on the door , helping to create a special,
unforgettable , festive atmosphere. We hope that a few simple tips
help you quickly and in an original dress and prepare your home for a meeting
New Year's Eve guests .

Beautiful decoration at Christmas - a festive wreath. Christmas
wreath on the door - a kind of invitation, "Welcome to my
House. "But it can also be used in any other room, as a simple
and elegant way to decorate your home. Green wreaths of fir branches
add flavor and charm of Christmas in every home. For many years, probably
You have a lot of variety of Christmas tree decorations. Do not hide them in the
boxes boast of before his guests. Choose the most beautiful
and put them in a high glass vase or a large decorative platter.
Pick up Christmas decorations in color and size, join in and hang the garland,
For example, over a table in the center of the room. Candles instantly create a festive
atmosphere. Choose them according to the rest of the decor for the implementation of
consistent style. Candles, dim light, bottle rum ... oranges and tangerines,
delicious and flavorful, too, can become a New Year's or Christmas decoration.
Fill them large vase or fishbowl, several pieces wrap
multi-colored foil, easy, fast and beautiful. Fruits can be laid out in
a pyramid and decorate with fresh leaves. A fresh orange
juice will delight the kids! Every year we send and receive Christmas
cards. A collection of postcards is growing every year. They are so beautiful
and dear to our hearts, that they do not just throw up a hand. And
not need to do this because the old cards can be stylish and
vintage decor element. Carefully cut out the image of Santa Claus or
Snow Maiden and hang on the tree. It turns out very nice and unusual!

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